What Holds You Back?

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You have this passionate idea, you are excited about it. Awesome! 

So the natural next thing to do is to share it with the people around you.

They say that “they love you and are looking out for your best interest”.

Then, LIKELY, they tell you all of the objections of why that idea is weird, silly or terrible.
Maybe it is, maybe it’s brilliant and there is a huge need.You’ll never know until you get your booty out there are DO IT!

People judge what they don’t know.

What holds you back is… you believe them. You believe them because they are important in your life. But what about your desires?! They wouldn’t come to your awareness and curiosity if they didn’t matter to you. 

So one of three things generally happen…

  1. You don’t do it for the fear of it failing (and likely then have regret).
  2. You half-ass do it because you want it, but don’t want to disappoint your social sphere.
  3. You say, “Screw it”. I’m going for it 100% accept this or not and move forward with gusto. 

What’s more important: your desires or the people in your life’s opinions?

When you talk with older adults who are on their deathbeds, do you hear them talk about how they regret following their passion and dreams(regardless if they ended in success or not)…NO. You hear the opposite, you hear, I wish I would have…


And why?

Because you listened to someone who was not at the creative state that you were and is not where you desire to be long-term. You allowed SOMEONE ELSE to dictate your DECISION.

That’s all.

Because that’s all life is… a bunch of decisions.

That’s what beliefs are…a bunch of decisions that you believe certain things about the world and then find evidence to validate your decisions.

If you don’t like your life, start making new decision.  

Who inspires you and why do they inspire you?

Likely, it’s because they had the COURAGE to not care what others thought and followed their passion, they’ve created a lifestyle they they enjoyed and they are they’re grateful and happy.

It’s just a decision.

You can’t f*ck it up.

What if you actually believed that, what decision would you make next? Share this with a friend who needs to here this!

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