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This one-day retreat will help you

  • Transform your relationship with money & actually enjoy selling.
  • Overcome your fear, financial ceiling and money blocks.
  • Heal money traumas, release shame and guilt around debt and create financial freedom.


women's retreat minneapolis

This one-day retreat will help you

Transform your relationship with money & actually enjoy selling.

Overcome your fear, financial ceiling and money blocks.

Heal money traumas, release shame and guilt around debt and create financial freedom.


Worthy & Wealthy: Women’s Retreat On Aug. 12th.

  • Do you dislike dealing with bills, money and retirement?
  • Do you find yourself giving discounts, free services and lowering your pricing?
  • Do you worry about money, debt and investing?
  • Do you constantly tell yourself you can’t have your desires yet?
  • Are you hungry for more and ready to shatter that financial glass ceiling?

Worthy & Wealthy: Women’s Retreat On Aug. 12th.

Explore your unapologetic side to create more magnetism, money and confidence in your life and business. Learn how to look financial fears (and your shadows) in the eyes and no longer hold back from your next level self. We’ll shine the light onto your shadows so that you can fully access the power and edginess that makes you unique, sexy and magnetic. You’ll learn how to have a fantastic relationship with your money, selling and pricing any packages/services, along with creating wealth and a wealthy mindset.  Lastly, we’ll create a strong vision to manifest your future financial goals (business or personal). Plus, you’ll experience sacred sisterhood, how to deeply connect in a safe place to come together as a collective and rise up!


The New Version of YOU!

I am excited for the day we say these words together. Let’s start today.  I am an ambitious woman on a mission. Instead of making excuses or playing a victim, I take full ownership over my current situation. I’m always expanding and growing.  People-pleasing is no longer in my vocabulary because my message for the world is so much more important. I shine brightly when I’m my most authentic self.

I surround myself with empowering people who uplift me and challenge me to be the best version of myself. I lean into sisterhood when I need support.  I’m not afraid to brag and celebrate my successes. I’m not afraid to forgive and ignore the nay-sayers. Confidence radiates as I step into my feminine power, knowing that all the answers are within. I know with certainty that I will continue to succeed in my business. My mind is focused on appreciation and desire.

I am rising!

I appreciate the contrast in my life and grow because of it.  There is no such thing as failure, only opportunity.

I know that the most important way to uplift and impact others is to model the self-love and self- worth within. I see others in their highest good.  I see the importance of beauty, pleasure, and self- care, as it keeps me serving energetically, rather than from depletion.

I feel amazing about selling because selling = service, selling = value. Selling uplifts others. Selling is of  highest good. Being compensated well for my work is of highest good to me and the world at large. Selling is divine.

I know that I am always supported and taken care of.  The universe has my back.  I am made for greatness. I am made for more.  Expansion is forever unfolding.


The Details:

  • Location: Lake Nokomis (5 Minutes From MSP Airport)
  • Date/Time: Aug. 12th from 9:30am- 5:30pm.
  • Cost: $500 (ask about complimentary overnight accommodations- limited space).
  • Intimate setting: 10-12 ladies max.
  • Pre-questionnaire included prior to the retreat to get laser clear on your desires. 
  • Yummy lunch and snacks included from Birchwood Cafe (vegan, vegetarian and GF options). 

Who Is This For?

  • The ambitious woman who is seeking more self-acceptance, prosperity and major impact in her business and life.  
  • The woman who is ready to offer her gifts, soulfully sell and create life-changing offers in her business. 
  • The woman who desires to shatter her money ceiling and bring her finances to the next level.
  • The woman who is ready to make a HUGE impact on all the lives she touches while offering massive value and being compensated well for her gifts.  
  • The women who is ready to take her wealth and wealth mindset to the next level.


When you invest in yourself, you are voting for you. You are taking a stance in your current and future state. You are giving yourself a treat that keeps on giving.


This will be a DEEP, transformational process.

You will be uncomfortable.

You will push your edges.

You will uplevel.

You will begin to step into and embody the next level you.

Come Join Us: 2018 Women’s Retreat — Worthy & Wealthy! 

“Tina gave our group the tools and prompts to recognize and acknowledge our differences and to find strength and value in each others experiences.  Our group walked away from our retreat with a deeper understanding of each other and ourselves.  Her strong and compassionate demeanor really helped us all open up in ways we hadn’t before.”

Jennifer Stakich

On Behalf Of A Women's Retreat in Truckee, CA

I am SOVEREIGN.        I am CONFIDENT.        I am SO WORTHY.       I am SUCCESSFUL.       I am DIVINE.


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