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You’ve tried the vision board, affirmations and releasing old money blocks and you are wondering why manifesting money isn’t working!

Now before we get all dramatic and claim (declare) that your manifesting isn’t working, let’s just take a hot minute to see what is working.

1. You likely are much clearer on what you want and why you want it from your vision board, right?! Excellent that’s a step in the right direction.
2. You likely know how you want to feel in the having of the manifestation, right?! Awesome, on the right track.
3. You’ve likely released some old beliefs and know the NEW truths that you are *trying* to believe by stating those affirmations. Again, great.

So, it wasn’t a waste doing all the things you’ve just done to work on manifesting the money you want in the bank.

The first reason why manifesting money isn’t working is likely that:

1. Likely Haven’t Fully Committed!

The first and biggest one is you likely haven’t fully committed. Now, before you get all defensive (like I did when i heard this). Let’s take a closer look. Do you find yourself committing, then slacking and then recommitting? I know I did (and sometimes do) that. It’s giving out mixed up energy. You see there are lots of universal laws, not just the Law of Attraction. The Law of Vibration states that everything is energy and at microscopic level is always vibrating. Yes, the desk is vibrating and so are your thoughts and emotions. So when you are 100% committed, you are vibrating at a different frequency than when you are doubting yourself. All of our emotions have a vibrating frequency. Interesting huh?!

So now, let’s bring back the Law of Attraction, what we focus on expands.  If we are vibrating at the frequency of doubt, we’ll receive more circumstances that results in doubt. AND when we are vibrating at the frequency of abundance, we’ll receive more circumstances of abundance in our lives. So when you are committed to giving off the frequency of prosperity, money starts to come your way. It is law. Often, we focus on what we do not have “scarcity” thus, we get more of it. You see by repeating affirmations that we don’t believe, we may be spiraling into scarcity as we say those affirmations. For example, you can be saying, “I’m a money magnet” while emitting “yeah right, I’ll never have that; my family doesn’t do luxury.”

The Universe doesn’t hear words, it receives VIBRATIONS. That’s why you’ll hear people say, get into the vibration of wealth. If you already had ___ amount of money how would you feel: grateful, free and/or abundant. Get into that vibration now. What makes you feel grateful? What makes you feel free? What makes you feel abundant? Savor, savor, savor this feeling. Those feelings are manifestations. So you’re totally on the right track once you feel the feels!!

To fully commit means to decide 100% that you are committing yourself to abundance. I’ll choose to see abundance every day, multiple times a day. And then, take the aligned action to recommit to yourself each day, over and over again. The Law of Action states that the Universe conspires with us as we take inspired action toward our desires. So don’t just sit on the sofa and “wait for the miracle to happen”. Get your booty out there and do your part.  Manifesting is an active process. So those bold insights and intuitive nudges that don’t quite make sense….yeah take action on them. Right now and again. This will blow your mind!!

The next reason likely why manifesting money isn’t working is that:

2. You Think That You Are Taking From Others When You Are Wealthy.

This will smack you right back into scarcity time and time again, because you’ll always (subconsciously or consciously) choose love/connection over money. Why, because you are a heart-centered entrepreneur who cares about the well-being of others. The spiritual truth is that our supply is unlimited. Once you can wrap your head around this EVERYTHING changes. You see you are never taking away from others because there is infinite wealth. Money is a neutral resource; it’s energy at the core just like everything else. It’s vibrating just like everything else. All we are doing is circulating money, giving, receiving and accumulating. When you offer your services to others in exchange for the value and energy you have, you are making an energetic exchange. You are impacting the client and the ripple effect from that interaction is magnificent. When you believe that your supply (along with everyone else’s) is unlimited, you never need to “feel bad” for “taking someone else’s money”. When you can see others in their highest power knowing that they also have the same access to this infinite supply, then you see the power of people investing in themselves. It’s an energy exchange that’s all. Truth, you are never “taking money” from someone else. You are using money as an exchange, just like back in the day when they would exchange fur for flour, it’s an exchange in value, that’s all. So the earlier you can begin to believe and embody that your supply is unlimited, the fast you’ll be able to embody wealth.

When you can begin to understand the spiritual laws and principles of the Universe, you can master the manifesting game at a deep, spiritual level. My purpose is to teach you the why and the process so that you can begin to implement these truths into your life and reap the benefits. If you are loving this material and desire to keep the momentum going. I have a money manifesting journal that will help you to manifest money now while teaching your my signature process. It’s call My Money Journal, click here to get it now.

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So I’d love to hear what resonated most with you in this article on why manifesting money isn’t working for you!?

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