One of our biggest mindset blocks is hesitancy.

It can be as subtle as a blink of the eye; and yet, has the power to shape our lives.

Our beautiful human minds tend to error on the side of fear and protection from danger. The primitive part of our brain that is based on survival really points its focus toward keeping you and your body safe. It will error on the side of avoiding fear and keeping you from danger.

Thus, when we think about doing anything out of your comfort zone [even if it is aligned with your values or highest self], our biological self, hesitates. It is in that moment that intention is necessary to shift out of this pattern.

Choose with intention.

Yes, that subtly of hesitation has prevented so many people from living a life of fulfillment and purpose. That hesitancy turns into excuses, procrastination and finally…settling.

Settling. Is that why you were put on this earth, to settle for your current situation?

That very hesitation that can result in settling, can also be a jumping off point toward greatness, meaning and abundance.

What if you thought about your comfort zone like a muscle and started to work on strengthen it.

Your options….

I’m scared to try something new….to HESITATION… to I don’t do/or postpone…. often leads to regret or guilt. I’ve heard this story SOOO many times. If there was one regret I had, it was…..

Now, imagine it going from

I’m scared to trying something new, to….
Okay, I’m going to begin to research how to start my own business, to….
Getting clear on my desires, to…
Finding a mentor to walk with me through this process, to…..
Being scared shitless and still investing in myself and my dreams, to…..
Creating a plan, training my mindset, to….
Taking inspired action, to….
Putting out my first sales pitch, to….
Being told no and learning how to persist, to…
Being told no again, and learning how to grow from this, to….
Making your first sale and celebrating, to….
Empowering others to live to their fullest potential, to…..

Each one of those steps, likely has 100 excuses that COULD have had you hesitate. But you didn’t.

You CHOOSE to persist. To rise. To step up from mediocre to great.

Begin today by setting a goal to strengthen that muscle of discomfort [growth], which moves you closer toward fulfillment and meaning. Walk with me, turning into the unknown without hesitation.

  1. Choose an accountability partner and agree to do 1 think that scares you daily for a month
  2. Hire a coach/mentor to push you to our next level
  3. Listen to your intuition and take action
  4. Share one truth about yourself with someone else [or on social media] that scares you just a little
  5. Talk to a stranger that you are drawn to

What will you choose to do TODAY to work toward greatness? Let’s stop this epidemic of hesitancy and begin to act intentionally and purposefully.

A life of no regrets.



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