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If You Knew That Doing One Activity For 10 Minutes A Day Would Lead To Success, Would You Do It?

  • Feeling stuck, like what the heck is my next step?
  • Feel really emotional, like you are ALL over the place?
  • Desire to continuously grow and uplevel, but not sure how to push your edges?
  • Annoyed that you’re not able to engage and sign on clients?

Journal Prompts Can Change Your Business!

I’ve got you sister! I’ve been there. Lying in bed at night asking, praying or begging for that next move so that you can create momentum in your business. It’s like once you get going, you feel like you are on a roll. But when you are stuck, fear seems to just keep you paralyzed.

You try tapping, reading self help books, yoga, listening to podcasts and looking OUTWARD for inspiration, direction or peace of mind.

I have a secret for you. The answers are ALWAYS on the inside. Those tools are just meant to help you access your inner brilliance.

That’s why I’ve create The Untamed Entrepreneur Journaling Series. Each journal is jam-packed with powerful and potent daily journal prompts to teach you how to TRUST yourself, access your own POWER and find all of the answers INSIDE of you.

Yes, you are your own guru.

You are! You are powerful beyond your knowing and I want you to see that for yourself. Over the years of practice, I have come up with a unique seven-step manifestation journaling process that will get you out of mediocrity and stepping into your power daily. This process is repeated for eight weeks so that you can begin to create consistency and ritual in your daily habits as you uplevel to your highest potential.

It’s that extra punch you need to overcome your latest block and catapult into your future self.

Results From The Journal Prompts...

If you are not ready to take 100% self-responsibility for your current circumstance and the progress you make, this is not for you. However, if you are ready to uplevel your energy and mindset, along with taking MASSIVE inspired action, then you must get your hands on these delicious journals that will satisfy your appetite.

Channeled deep from within my soul, these journals are my best work to date. The journals will hit you deep and get to the core of what’s holding you back, get you in touch with your ultimate truths. and show you how to EMBODY that next level self.


Start with one or get them all.


Money Money Journal: Get daily journal prompts to help you shift your mindset from scarcity to prosperity so that you can manifest money now!

My Relationship Journal: We all know how our personal life affects our business. Get daily journal prompts to reignite love in your relationship so that you can revitalize your communication, spice up your sex life and deepen your intimacy!

My Next Level Self Journal: Get daily journal prompts to massively step into your next level self so that you can grow your mindset, business and sales immediately.

My Unleashed Inner Bitch Journal: Get daily journal prompts to help push your edges and explore your inner bitch: your bold, truth-telling, sovereign queen so that you can powerfully use this side of you to grow your business.

If you cannot choose and would like to get the four pack bundle, here ya go!

Journaling is powerful.

Many leaders use journaling to help them step into their highest potential!

“For years I’ve been advocating the power and pleasure of being grateful. I kept a gratitude journal for a full decade without fail—and urged you all to do the same.”  -Oprah Winfrey

“Write your goals down – not on a computer, but on paper, or in a journal.” “There’s something that happens when we write something down.” “By getting absolutely clear as to why you must achieve your goal,” he writes, “you will find your purpose.”  –Tony Robbins

“By making lists of the most positive aspects you can find about your current situation, you then release your resistance to the improvements that are waiting for you.” – Esther Hicks/Abraham

Journaling 101: Master Manifesting with Journaling.

Now, if you saying. I don’t even know how to journal or where to start! Help!

I’ve got you, too sister.


I’ve created a mini training, 30 minute-audio, with journal prompts included to get you started journaling. In the audio, I explain what is journaling, the benefits of journaling and how to begin the journaling process. Then I walk you through my unique seven-step process that teaches you to journal with intention. There is no right or wrong way to journal. So in the training, I also teach you how to use my tools AND create a journaling ritual that is aligned with your unique needs. I mean, you need to figure out what works well for you, right?!


“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in the daily routine.”  -John C. Maxwell

Get your journal now!

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