Ever feel that way, like you just want to throw in the towel, crawl under your sheets and awake to a new day?

Being an entrepreneur, this happens and likely happens in your life, as well. Life throws you some curve balls and sometimes they hurt a bit when they smack you in the face!

Know your WHY

In reference to your business (career, life, you can fill in the blank), why are you putting in the all effort? What is ideal outcome that you wish to receive? How do you desire to feel? Why is this so important to YOU?

Really reflect on that.

Yesterday, I didn’t feel like showing up for my business. I literally felt like having a lounge day and watching a marathon of Friends episodes! Did I? No. Why not? Because I revisited my personal WHY and my WHY for the world. [It’s on my computer monitor for a reminder every single day].

My WHY for the world: I am an up-lifter. I want others to live with intention, pleasure and passion. I am made to empower others to see their best selves and share their unique gifts with the world. I help to free them from limiting thoughts so that they can be in full alignment with themselves. When I inspire others, I up-level my life toward my values: freedom, feeling connected, personal growth and contributing to the good of this world.

THAT is what inspired me to get up out of bed.
THAT is what inspires me to reach out to others.
THAT is what excites me about selling my products.
THAT is what helped me to raise my prices.
THAT is what keep me going on those days that I don’t feel like it.
THAT is my inspiration.

So, let’s get clear on your why! I’d love to hear your WHY, please share it in my private Facebook group: Untamed Women in Business. Or if you want to work more intimately, please schedule a complimentary coaching call. 

With So Much Love!!