Do you desire more income in your life this 2017?

I have a little secret for you. It all starts with the mindset. Some of us have such limiting beliefs around money and we perpetuate them without even realizing it. I did this for years, creating a glass ceiling for myself.

Let’s start by debunking and decluttering those little buggers so you can at least be open to receive money.

Alrighty, first of all why me? I’m gonna be straight with you. I had some serious money block, yep. They kept me stuck at a plateau for a while. Some of my major blocks/beliefs were “I can never be wealthy doing what I love; “I have to work really hard to make ends meet;” “I never seem to have enough”.

I’ve got to tell you that last one, still creeps in every once in a while. I’ve traveled 3 times in the past 6 months and have plenty of money in the bank and that little bugger “I don’t have enough” just slips right into my mind. I’m human, and so I have to continue to practice healing those old money blocks.

For years, I was not aware of my money blocks and then once I learned about them. I didn’t know what to do – it was almost more frustrating in that phase. I thought to myself, “Well, I know my blocks, now what the hell am I supposed to do?!?”

Where to start my lovely beauties, (this is the process I’ve personally used for myself, as well. I think it’s so important for me to walk my talk in this profession).

Step 1: Know the beliefs that are holding you back. I’m going to write a bunch of them here. When you read these pay attention to your body. You might notice some pain or discomfort when you get to certain beliefs. There are 100s of other beliefs that could be holding you back, here are some popular ones.

  • “I don’t deserve a lot of money.”
  • “I work hard to make ends meet.”
  • “I’m always worried about my finances.”
  • “I live paycheck to paycheck”.
  • “Money gets spent way too quickly.”
  • “Having a lot of money will be too much work.”
  • “Wealth = greediness.”
  • “I feel depleted around money.”
  • “I have to work hard to earn enough money”.
  • “I’m not pretty enough.”
  • “My parents were broke.”
  • “I don’t have the right degree to make money.”
  • “I have a fixed income.”
  • “I have kids.”
  • “I have a mortgage.”
  • “I want to serve so I can’t make a lot of money.”
  • “Money is bad.”
  • “I was abused.”
  • “I never have enough.”
  • “I can’t’ afford that.”

All of those beliefs are around lack and will keep you stuck in those same patterns year after year. In shifting the process from lack to abundance, one of the biggest lessons I learned was self-responsibility. I don’t need to play the poor-me game or blame others, rather I can take self-responsibility for my situation. Yes, regardless of my situation….I created this mess, or I created this success. I’m responsible for me and my outcomes. What role did I play? If I didn’t like the outcomes, how can I begin to change my mindset around this situation? Powerful questions to ask yourself!

I want to note that none of those are “bad beliefs”. You learned them over time and began to believe them. Some of these beliefs are passed on from generation to generation. Let’s not take time to dissect each one in detail or point fingers are who taught you them, it doesn’t matter. They are just beliefs and the good thing is that you have control over changing those beliefs over time.

Step 2: Share them with others to get them out of your pretty head! Stew-and-brew no longer. Share them with a trusted friend, partner, me, or at least your Dear Diary journal. It is so important to release them.

Step 3: Notice when they arise and forgive yourself each time. This is what my dialogue looks like….

“I never seem to have enough money.”

“My old story is coming up again. Hey, Tina, good job for noticing. I don’t believe that story anymore. I have more than enough in my bank account and money continues to in [can note evidence here as well]. I forgive myself for having this thought. I know as I release it, I am able to access my greatest self. It’s my time to shine.”

Lastly, start to find a new story that you want to write for yourself. Thoughts + feelings over time turn into beliefs, which turn into your reality. So start with a new story. No not tomorrow, right now. What new beliefs do you want to curate into your life?

I’ll be back with more on this topic. In February, I’ll be launching an 8-week group program, along with a self-study on healing your money story to increase more money and abundance into your business and life. I can’t even wait!! If you are interested, please shoot me an email. I only have 12 available slots for those who are committed. Let’s clear out that gunk so there is room for abundance in your life. Start today.

Happy 2017!


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