• When should I raise my rates?
  • When should I take on my first client?
  • When should I start my business?
  • When should my website go live?
  • When should I do my first FB live?


Yeah, I know that may been a bit bold. But seriously, just do it!

You are not going to be completely ready….EVER.  You aren’t going to feel 100% confident.

How many times do you hear someone on their deathbed saying, “Oh I regret going after my dreams?” compared to  “Oh I wish I would have done more things that I was passionate about or started my own business or…..”

If you go through and ask successful entrepreneurs, almost all of them have the same recommendation in this field.

You have got to do it.

Danielle LaPorte talks about getting out your “S.F.D” shitty first draft. Just get it out there.

Marie Forleo started her dreams with a video camera in her house before she had her own TV show.

Tony Robbins put on as many live events that his local area would allow him when he started public speaking.

Were any of them polished when they started…NO!!

Likely, your mindset is the BIGGEST thing holding you back. Honestly ask yourself which is louder….the fears of what “could” happen or the potential of business success?

It really is that simple.

I know excuses are coming up for you right now, trust me I had about a zillion of them, too. (What about health insurance; what if this doesn’t work out; what if I fail; who do I think I am being a coach and inspiring others; and the list goes on and on). However, my passion and thinking about my potential impact on the world was SO. MUCH. LOUDER.

I’ve got shit to do. People to inspire. Client’s to help uplevel.

The most important piece is to get out there. Do it, like now.

Start making decisive decisions.

Will there be mistakes, yes. I like to think of them as opportunities because you learn then improve, then learn and improve and then learn and improve: the story of successful entrepreneurs.

Starting your business isn’t about playing it safe, it’s about passion, it’s about strategy, it’s about alignment. Do you have to take some risk? Yes. It doesn’t have to be BIG and COSTLY, but it needs some action.

One of my favorite quotes is by Les Brown, “You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.”

Another one of my favorites quotes is by Marie Forleo,  “Everything is figure-out-able”. It’s true. It is.

So to jump on board with nike, “just do it.” and do it with no regrets. Do it with the mentality of “this will work.” And when it does, celebrate! And when it doesn’t work as YOU planned, ask yourself what you can learn from it, let yourself feel it out and move forward.


  • I’ve had launches that were a complete bust, literally $0 in profits.
  • I have had months with less than $1000 coming in.
  • I have had super ideal clients tell me no.
  • I’ve had rejection from guest blogging.
  • I’ve terminated clients.
  • I’ve blocked someone from my private group.


And with each of those situations, I’ve learned a ton! I’ve learned how to launch more successfully and aligned with my values. I’ve learned that people-pleasing is helpful to no one longterm. I’ve replaced my monthly income of my past cushy government job. I’ve had super ideal clients say yes! It takes some boldness and grit sprinkled with a whole lot of alignment.

Your gold is so close and if you’re doing with inspiration and alignment, you will get your desired results. Commitment is your friend!

So stop procrastinating and take action aligned with your inner guidance and your values. That way you are always in alignment- ALWAYS.


  • Your website is good enough to go live.
  • Yes, raise your rates now.
  • Yes, you are ready for your first client.
  • Should you start your own business, YES..get started planning now.


You will polish your skills all along the way and MUCH faster if you act (in alignment) rather than think about it.

When I say, acting in alignment, this means listening to your inner divine and acting aligned with your values, your desires, your wishes. Not, people-pleasing: doing what your mother/spouse/father/friend wants you to do, rather doing what you feel are your true gifts for the world. THAT is magical. If you act out of alignment, your action is pretty pointless. So hop on board with your lovely self and get that booty moving.

You have SOOOO got this!!

Now go do that thing that you want to do, and tell me that you did it!

See y’all next week!




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