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Six-Week Digital Group Course

With Tina Lensing

Skyrocket Energy, Feel Sexy & Alive and Transform Your Anxiety To Peace of Mind!

Are You Ready?

  • Do you feel like you are always exhausted and running out of energy trying to balance all your demands?
  • Do you put yourself last and have hard time doing what you love?
  • Are you sick feeling, unsexy meh and disgusting in your body and your relationship? 
  • Feel like you cannot shut your worry brain off, no matter what?
  • Do you feel like no matter what you do, it’s never enough to please everyone else?

I've Got You!

You are a mama and you are constantly putting others first. Running to get groceries, attempting to clean up, breastfeeding, making dinner and working on your business or at your job.

At the end of the day, you are so exhausted that you just can’t have sex with your partner. Then you feel guilty, like…why can’t I do it all?! And suddenly you start to feel more and more disconnected from your partner.

You start to compare yourself to ______, she seems to flawlessly be present for her kids, spend time with her husband and take time for herself. Why can’t I do that?! The comparison, self-pity starts and your mind doesn’t want to shut off as you lay in bed worrying why you can’t do it all, what’s wrong with you?!

Only for you to crash, wake up and do it all over again.

How long can you do this before you completely lose your shit?!

Sister, I’ve got you.

Jessica Kaulback, Artist

"The Best Investment I've Made In Myself!"

“Tina Lensing Coaching is the best investment I’ve made in myself.  While working to set and surpass career-focused goals, I gained invaluable tools that transcend business boundaries which get put to use on a daily basis.  Most notably, Tina helped me to identify a pattern of self-limiting thoughts and transform them into an internal dialogue of self-love and situational acceptance that allows me to confidently take action towards my goals — career or otherwise.  She’s equipped me with the knowledge, confidence and resources I need for continued success beyond our time together.  In great thanks to Tina’s coaching ability, I have become the person I set out to be on our discovery call one year ago.  Tina Lensing Coaching.  Five stars.  Two thumbs-up.  Would definitely recommend.”

Sexy, Fabulous & Free: Six Week Digital Group Course

You’ve had enough!! You’re ready to FINALLY put yourself first. Finally take a stand and invest in you!

  • You’re ready to feel energized again!
  • You’re ready to feel sexy, alive and connected to your body!
  • You’re ready to transform that worry worry worry into peace of mind.
  • You’re ready to fall madly in love with your body this 2019.
  • You’re ready to feel deep connection and yummy sex with your partner.

It’s a gift to yourself. You are totally worth it sister. Let’s do it!

I’m here for you!


  1. WEEK 1: TURN ON: here we will teach you how to open up to your personal and sexual desires, connect deeply with your intuition and set some high standards for yourself so that you can begin to feel turned on and connected to your body and yourself.
  2. WEEK 2: CLEAR OUT UNSEXY SHIT: learn how to transform worry, shame, guilt and embarrassment into positive potent energy that you can use to connect during the day and add more energy and pleasure into your life.
  3. WEEK 3: PLEASURE: learn how to personally and sexually please yourself, up your pleasure, and begin to RECEIVE on a whole new level so that you can begin to express your creative, sensual and sexual side.
  4. WEEK 4: BODY IS SACRED TEMPLE: dissect your love/hate relationship with your body so that you can learn how to treat it with respect, honor and love.
  5. WEEK 5: MASTER THE MASCULINE/FEMININE: learn the secrets of the massive difference between how masculine and feminine energy work TOGETHER. Learn what you are doing to like push away your man and TURN OFF your radiance, so that you can learn how to feel deeply intimate and connected to your partner and yourself.
  6. WEEK 6: INTEGRATION: Learn how you can bring sensuality, potent energy into all areas of your life: personal, friendships, wardrobe, business, professional life so that you can openly express yourself and your desires in ALL areas of your life.

Are you more of a VIP style kind-of-gal?

I’ve got you.

Introducing Sexy, Fabulous & Free VIP Style: here you’ll have access to ALL THE GOODS listed above PLUS, you’ll get laser 1:1, ten minutes of coaching in a group setting weekly for six weeks. Plus, you’ll get to listen in on coaching from other group members and get the sideline benefit. 

When you get specific 1:1 support, it all about YOU! I’ll quickly call you on your bullshit, help you to see how you are tellng yourself lies and quickly help you transform your darkness into the light. 

Often we cannot see our shadows on our own, it’s my job to help you take that anxiety, worry and shame and turn it into power. Because in the darkness, lies your brilliant genius, just waiting for you. 

Investment $1500, only 10 available! (Get $500 off if you sign up by Dec. 31st). 

I had quit my job, manifested $9K and signed my first client.

“I found Tina at a time where I felt so desperate to get my business off the ground. I was working a job that was way beneath my skills and not able to pay all my bills. Knowing almost nothing about her, I invested. Less than a month into the program, I had quit my job, manifested $9K and signed my first client.

Tina’s energy really resonates with me, and she is so so talented at helping you develop a healthy mindset muscle through re-framing your thoughts and journaling. Mindset is 95% of this entrepreneurship game, so I can’t stress how this was instrumental in my success.

Tina was always present and keeping us accountable on our goals and making sure we celebrate every single win. Her knowledge of manifesting is incredible and she is an inspiring, powerful coach. I highly recommend working with her in any capacity.“ -Nisha Hewlett, Business Mentor.

“Transforming your life inside out.”

“Tina is capable of doing real magic to your limiting beliefs. She is incredibly emphatic and can see unhealthy thought patterns at once – and leads you to rewiring your brain for success. Within one session, I was able to see what part of my personal story was keeping me small and kept me from believing in myself. With a mixture of scientific methods and spiritual intuition, she aids you in transforming your life inside out. I will definitely work with her again.”

-Louella Mainka, Yoga Instructor & Coach

From Lack To Abundance

“Tina emanates poise and kindness. She truly makes you feel like an individual because she tailors every lesson to YOU and wants to see you progress in every aspect of your life. Tina provided me with valuable resources that I continue to use and questioned me to open areas of my mind I had not explored. She truly enjoys what she does, which makes every session fresh and new. Thank you Tina for laying the groundwork for me to go from a life of lack to a life of abundance and happiness!” – Kelly Humphrey

It's My Time!!

Your energy will be restored. You’ll feel alive and sexy again. Sex life skyrocketed. Anxiety diminished. Transformation IS HAPPENING!! 

Say it with me… “It’s my time!!”

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