Guide On How & When To Talk To Your Kids About Sex

With Tina Lensing

Boundaries, consent, sexuality, body parts, puberty, porn and more…

[Age 0-10]

Sound Familiar?

  • Do you want to talk to your kids about sex, but have no idea where to start?
  • Are you afraid that if you talk to your kids about sex, they’ll lose their innocence?
  • Are you just waiting for your kids to ask you questions about sex?
  • Do you feel completely uncomfortable and change the subject when your kids asks you sexual questions, and you answer with, do you want chicken for dinner?
  • Did your parents never talk to you about sex so you don’t know how to get the conversation started?

I've Got You!


A single word that can make you blush when you talk about it or squirming in delicious pleasure when you’re experiencing it.

But when it relates to your children, you’d rather have them learn in school, than use the words like vulva, penis and erection when talking to your kids about sex.

It’s uncomfortable for so many.

We have good intentions, but then word vomit comes out something like…”Honey, errr….uh…. hmmm… well I’d like to talk to you about umm….the birds and bees; ah….you know what that means right?”

Sound familiar?

And yet… we all love sex.

We all want our kids to grow up in a healthy relationship.

We all want our kids to feel confident saying yes and no.

We all want out children to accept and love their bodies.

We all want our children to trust their intuition.

We all want out kids to have a healthy sexual experience.

It’s awkward… because we make it awkward in our society.

Let’s change that.


When I asked parents when is the right time for them to begin to talk to their kids about sex, I often heard…

“Oh I’ll talk to them when I’m ready.”

“I’ll talk to them about sex when they ask.”

“Maybe around age 10, 11 or 12 or when they go through puberty.”

The problem with that is… the longer you wait the more the children are missing out on! Sex talks are not just about about sex. They are about boundaries, consent, body image, confidence, health, intuition, values, sensuality and creativity. Plus, kids will learn about it elsewhere (unreliable kids at school, porn or social media).

Parents, why wouldn’t you want to be the trusted source for your kids to help them develop, relationally and sexually.  

The Earlier The Better!

Now you are probably thinking…Whoa, Tina. My child is only two…can’t I just wait?!

Well yes, of course you can.

However, some of the benefits of starting this conversation early are…

++If you wait until your child is 10-11, you have SUCH an overwhelming amount of information to teach them.

++When you teach them along the way, it becomes less awkward for the parents and the children. It just becomes part of the conversation, like sports and the weather.

++Would you let your 16 year old drive a car without teaching them about the car? Why is sex any different?

++ It’s not just about sex; it’s about helping them to love their bodies, activate their creativity through sensuality, learn boundaries, and build confidence and self-esteem.

++Kids will look elsewhere; they are curious. Do you want your kids learning about sex from friends, social media, cosmopolitan magazines, or pornoography. Your children will learn about sex whether you each them or not.


I want to help CONSCIOUS parents gain the resources, the communication tools and the confidence to be the educator and supporter to your child on sex, boundaries, prevention, pleasure, protection and sexuality.

Meet Tina!

Hello, I’m Tina Lensing. A Transformational Coach on relationships and sex, a digital course creator and an author. My mission is to to normalize RADIANT RELATIONSHIPS and talking about SEX which will lead to conscious, sensual, creative and an intentional society. I feel that by raising confident children who are educated and aligned with their values, we as a collective can decrease sexual assault, teen pregnancies and divorce rates. By creating a safe place for children to develop sexually, emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally, we can create RADIANT relationships, confident men and women who are aligned with the highest version of themselves.

I grew up Catholic and was taught abstinence only — that pretty much summed up my sex talks. I spent YEARS releasing guilt and shame as I stepped into my sexual, creative and confident self. I desire the next generation to be proactive!

As a [pregnant] and future mama, I feel it is essential to teach my children about sexuality and sex beginning at age 0. I’m on a mission to bring healthy and OPEN conversation about sex to the dinner table where topics can be discussed as easily as sports and shopping.  

Age-By-Age Conversation Starters: A Guide On When & How To Talk To Kids About Sex

“I just don’t even know where to start.”

Perfect, that is why I have it all broken down for you, literally age-by-age. 

You’ll know what age-appropriate conversation to have from age 0, all the way up until age 10. 

The guide is designed for short, pointed and continuous conversations with your kids.  

It’s not about being an expert on sex education, rather the supporter of your child’s development in their personal and sexual health.

This guide will change your life, your child’s, and your relationship with your child.

It’s not just a guide, it’s a movement.

The Layout

  1. There are FOUR workbooks with conversation starters: age 0-2, age 3-4; age 5-7, age 8-10. There is a recommended age to share on each topic.
  2. Within each age-appropriate workbook there are popular categories like introducing sex, learning body parts, consent/boundaries, and puberty, are some examples.
  3. Within each of the popular categories are conversation starters on educating your child, and conversation starters on asking your child open-ended questions on each of the categories. This way you have LOTS of statements and questions to choose from.
  4. You’ll get access to workbooks immediately and can keep them for life.
  5. Cost: $97- yes for 10 years of conversation starters!!

The Outcomes!

#1: Getting YOU, as parents comfortable talking to your kids about sex and sexuality. You’ll likely see an improvement in YOUR sex life as you become more open to conversations on sensuality and pleasure. BONUS!

#2. Your child will be educated about their body, puberty, reproduction and fertility so that they can make positive and safe decisions for their future.

#3. You are guiding your child to feel more confident in their body, in setting boundaries, in their sexual identity and in trusting themselves.

#4. Your child will have tools to create positive communication and consent with future partnerships.

#5. You’ll have the tools to teach your child how to awaken their sensual, creative and sexual self so that they can increase their self-esteem and feel confident in their own skin.

#6. Societal shifts. You are part of a movement: to be conscious and intentional about raising the next generation!

It's My Time!!

It’s a movement. To awaken parents and children to be conscious, educated, sensual, intuitive, and yes…. SEXUAL. By teaching parents now, we are teach two generations in one!

With all of the negative news around consent, #metoo and sexual assault, I cannot help but wonder how this world would be different if we started the age-appropriate conversations around sex and sexuality from baby onward. Teaching young boys and girls how to be conscious, thoughtful, intentional and PROACTIVE in their sexual health and lifestyle choices.

So come… be a part of the movement.

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