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Desire Both: The Soulmate Partner & The Soul-Centered Business?



You’re in a loving committed relationship, but your partner just doesn’t quite get your I-need-to-sage-my-office-space, manifesting, soul-aligned business. You want to meditate, go to yoga, journal and talk about how you’ve just overcome a big block that was holding you back. While it seems like some of the topics he brings up appear to be more surface-level. He just doesn’t quite get it and you want to feel deeply connected to him so bad!

  • You are influencing many with your spiritual gifts.
  • You are making a huge impact on the world at large.
  • AND you desire to have that deep, meaningful relationship with your soulmate.

“I feel disconnected.”

Those words echo through your consciousness. You both love each other deeply, but you feel he just doesn’t connect with you on the personal growth and spiritual plane. Also, you feels like you are growing WAY faster than he is.

“I just want to feel understand.”

You love him so much and yet you feel like he’s somehow to blame for you not fully stepping into your next level, badass self. You are totally sick of him not understanding you again and again, and you’re just not sure how to move forward.

Your committed relationship is a priority AND you plan to continue to expand in your lifestyle and business. You get to have both

Introducing Power Couple Relationship Coaching

For the personal growth entrepreneur who is looking to fully own her spiritual side, feel confident talking with her partner about her needs and values all while deepening her relationship connection with her soulmate.

This is for the woman who is in a committed relationship. She is a successful businesswoman and a powerful manifestor who is ready to show up confidently in her relationship and take 100% self-responsibility for herself. She is willing to give her relationship full commitment and ready to see her partner in his greatest version of himself. She is ready to put efforts into growing together, opening up spiritually and having a more deep, meaningful relationship.

By the end of our time together, you’ll be:

  • Be laser clear on who my ideal soulmate is and what characteristics my partner already has.
  • Fully own my spiritual side and confidently share it with my partner.
  • Be able to see how he is actually helping me to uplevel and is my greatest teacher.
  • Successfully able to shift my focus energetically onto my ideal partner.
  • Learn how to accept each of our levels of growth even as they are different.
  • How to come together as a power couple moving forward.
  • Plus, less fighting and more lovin’!!! (heck yeah)

To apply, scroll to the bottom for details as there is only ONE available 1:1 package available at this time. I will be reviewing each application to make sure to find the best fit!



“Tina has a powerful yet graceful and positive coaching style that balanced out my left-brained analytical natural tendencies.

She helped me transform from a needy pushy approach to one of faith and allowing while still taking courageous action to achieve my goals.

I started coaching with her as a single man wanting a healthy loving relationship.  In less than a year, I met my soulmate, developed a stable and healthy foundation for our relationship and we’re both amazingly grateful, in love and happy. 

Thank you so much Tina.  I can’t think of a greater contribution you can make in someone’s life.  Keep coaching and making the world a better place.”



Sick of dating the same type of guy over and over again.

So you are kicking butt in your business being a badass and impacting thousands, yet there is something missing. As you’re cuddled up reading Gabby Bernstein’s latest book, you cannot help but wish that future soulmate was curled up next to you on the sofa. Sometimes you think, “What’s wrong with me?” Then you shift and attempt to use all the tools you’ve used to create a successful business in curating space for a life-long relationship.

  • You are a powerful manifestor.
  • A successful businesswoman.
  • Fiercely independent.
  • And know what you want.

I get you. I dated for SEVEN years before opening my heart to long-term love. I found something wrong with every guy. I usually ended things by the third date. It doesn’t need to take that long.

Introducing Single Turns Soulmate Relationship Coaching.

This is for the single women who is ready for that long-term soulmate. She is willing to see things differently, open up her heart and learn to receive on a whole new level. She is ready to see herself differently and change her way of dating.

I call this “new age” dating and will share with you how to date differently and more authentically than you’ve ever dated before. She’s willing to do the inner work and transform old stories into new powerful truths. She is willing to love herself so deeply that she becomes magnetizing to her soulmates.

By the end of our time together, you’ll:

  • Be laser clear on who is your ideal soulmate.
  • Feel and be amazingly good at flirting, communicating and magnetizing men!
  • Know how to heal your past stories about heartache, relationships and self-love so you can continue to deepen intimacy through the months and years.
  • Open your heart to feel safe to receive and give love at a new level.
  • Be dating your soulmate or ready to date your soulmate.
  • Feel sexy, vibrant and alive in your own skin

**To apply, scroll to the bottom for details as there is only ONE available 1:1 package available at this time. I will be reviewing each application to make sure to find the best fit!

Relationship Coaching Packages Include:

  • 3 – 5 months of relationship coaching
  • Weekly coaching calls
  • Unlimited voice messaging support
  • 90-Minute Deep Dive To Begin
  • Access to my digital courses
  • VIP treatment – access to all new trainings that come out during our time together
  • Cost: $2,000/month.

I’ve decided to add in only ONE RELATIONSHIP coaching spot to my roster at this time. The part of my life that I’m most proud of right now is my relationship with my hubby. We’ve been together 6+ years and married recently. Utilizing skills from my Master’s in Social Work and experience in couple’s therapy, I’m really excited to add one committed woman to work with on a deep level. There is a small application process. I will be reading all applications. This will be open until filled.

Apply Now!

Working with Tina not only transformed my business, but transformed my entire life.

“Tina is the first coach I’ve ever hired, and her amazing energy – warm, compassionate, open, friendly, and welcoming – initially drew me toward her, as well as how supportive and encouraging she was upon hearing about my business ideas.

Working with Tina not only transformed my business, but transformed my entire life. I went from feeling unsure about my ideas, having low self-worth and low energy, to knowing, deep in my bones that my business ideas are valid, that I am intrinsically valuable as a human being (the foundation of confidence!), and now I feel like I have practically unlimited reserves of energy to work toward my goals.

Tina gave me to the tools and support to uncover and cleanse the limiting beliefs that were getting in the way of achieving my vision in life (and getting in the way of fully experiencing and enjoying life) and to discover and get into alignment with what actually matters to me, and to cut out the rest of the bullshit.

Honestly, it can’t be overstated how incredibly valuable working with Tina is. My life feels fulfilling and vibrant and I’m excited to get out of bed each day to work toward making my unique contribution to the world. Thank you, Tina!”

– Amanda Wiebush, Stewardship Coach


Tina emanates poise and kindness

“Tina emanates poise and kindness. She truly makes you feel like an individual because she tailors every lesson to YOU and wants to see you progress in every aspect of your life. Tina provided me with valuable resources that I continue to use and questioned me to open areas of my mind I had not explored. She truly enjoys what she does, which makes every session fresh and new. Thank you Tina for laying the groundwork for me to go from a life of lack to a life of abundance and happiness!”

– Kelly Humphrey


I’m significantly less overwhelmed, far more productive, and my business is thriving as a result!

“Starting a business is challenging. Health, wealth, and happiness are the end goals, but too often we ignore them, along with everything else important in our lives, while we try to work everything out on our own. That’s where a great business coach can help. Through my conversations with Tina, I was able to get down to the root of my entrepreneurial struggles, objectively weigh all my options for getting past them, and identify a clear path forward. Thanks to Tina, I’m significantly less overwhelmed, far more productive, and my business is thriving as a result!”

– Kevin Wallner, Digital Marketing Consultant

From confused coach to badass creativepreneur

“Aligned Coaching was such an amazing program. I’d been a 1:1 client of Tina’s already, and at first wasn’t sure how much more this course would benefit me. But I was SO surprised how transformational it was. Being in a course with other women in the exact same stage as me was so motivating and validating. And this course did so much MORE than create momentum in my coaching business. During this challenge, I followed an internal nudge to quit my job, made some super exciting decisions about my writing career (I’m finally launching my first novel next month!), and integrated my coaching business with my entrepreneurial business as a soon-to-be independently published writer. At the close of this course, I find myself feeling confident in both my writing and coaching and feeling like I have both the skills AND trust in my own inner knowing to embark on my next magical phase of life.”

– Tessonja Odette, Writer’s Coach

From Confusion to Clarity

“Tina, the beautiful and high spirited goddess!! She has such an amazing power that helps lead from confusion to clarity. She is a great listener and is a master at pointing out your magic within your business with such ease and flow. Tina, successfully guided me to create a beautiful collective picture so intrinsically. I was happy with my result, thanks again Tina for holding space while I unravel my ideas and being a huge support in building on my business.”

LaMeka Bozier, Life & Development Coach

“The best investment you can make is in yourself.”

-Warren Buffett

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