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Deborah Ciarabellini,

Life Coach

Money is no longer stressful and hard

“Tina gave me the tools and support to completely change my relationship with money from one of lack and limitation (dare I say I had a deep rooted aversion to money!) to one of feeling abundant and welcoming of money into my life. I now consciously accept money into my life and no longer put up walls to keep it out. It’s funny how just changing perspective can change everything. I feel more peace, happiness, and freedom as a result. Money is no longer stressful and hard. Tina is amazing and will change your life.”

Kevin Wallner, Digital Marketing Consultant

Starting a business is challenging

“Starting a business is challenging. Health, wealth, and happiness are the end goals, but too often we ignore them, along with everything else important in our lives, while we try to work everything out on our own. That’s where a great business coach can help. Through my conversations with Tina, I was able to get down to the root of my entrepreneurial struggles, objectively weigh all my options for getting past them, and identify a clear path forward. Thanks to Tina, I’m significantly less overwhelmed, far more productive, and my business is thriving as a result!”

Bernadette Trujillo, 

Business Doula

Tina is a delight to work with

“Tina is a delight to work with, she holds a beautiful space for you to work out your limiting beliefs and underlying obstacles, as a coach myself I have experienced many styles of coaching but noting quite like hers, she always gives you options when she see’s them in the coaching conversation and can take you as deep as you desire to go with her intuitively guided meditations and  loving support.”

Her passion and positive energy shine

“Tina is very skilled at cutting right to the heart of the matter, helping people find their true life purpose. Her passion and positive energy shine through in every moment, along with her intention to guide you lovingly through every step as you ditch your stumbling blocks and awaken to the life you truly deserve!”

-Alex Heyman, Writer

“Tina successfully improved my approach to issues I couldn’t solve on my own.”


Tina is eloquent and engaging

“Tina is eloquent and engaging and has kindness shining in her. I knew I wanted something more out of life, but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Tina teaches in a way that makes you look into yourself and find the things that really make you happy. Tina also made me think about (life changing) things that I had never thought about before.”

-Kim Moats, CPA

Dr. Ashley Rath, Chiropractor

I would highly recommend Tina

“Working with Tina created value both professionally and personally. Her personalized coaching sessions helped me improve my communication with patients and built confidence in my ability to handle emotionally-charged conversations. Tina helped increase my awareness on highlighting strengths in others.

She is a great listener and caters to anyone looking to excel professionally or personally. I would highly recommend Tina Lensing Coaching as she gives you the tools to help live to your full potential!!”

Joyel Crawford, Career Coach

Tina creates a safe space to explore

“When you experience coaching with Tina, it’s not a session it’s an exploration focused on 100% you and your business.  As a budding solopreneur, I have been challenged with the internal and external energies that can push and trigger me into inaction and action.

Working with Tina in our sessions was so collaborative and eye opening.  She has an uncanny knack for active listening that keys into what you really desire for your business. I learned by being coached by Tina that a lot of being an entrepreneur is about figuring out how you tick and how you can apply that to running your business.  Tina creates a safe space to explore and be vulnerable. I never felt judged but supported in discovering how to apply some major ah-ha moments to approaching my business on a daily basis. Thanks Tina for helping me get refocused!”

LaMeka Bozier, Life & Development Coach

She has such an amazing power

“Tina, the beautiful and high spirited goddess!! I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. She has such an amazing power that helps lead from confusion to clarity. She is a great listener and is a master at pointing out your magic within your business with such ease and flow. While I had the pieces to my business, Tina, successfully guided me to create a beautiful collective picture so intrinsically.

This lady love is a sure added gift to the world and you wouldn’t want to miss out on the experience in working with her to build on your business. I was happy with my result, thanks again Tina for holding space while I unravel my ideas and being a huge support in building on my business.”

Isabelle Bridges Boesch, Life Coach

I always look forward to my conversation

“I always look forward to my conversations with Tina. She is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing her wealth of experience and ideas. She quickly pinpoints the crux of a situation and does not fail to leave me with helpful insights, ideas or questions to ponder. “

Jim Kaspari, 

Business Coach

Tina has a powerful yet graceful

“Tina has a powerful yet graceful and positive coaching style that balanced out my left-brained analytical natural tendencies.  She helped me transform from a needy pushy approach to one of faith and allowing while still taking courageous action to achieve my goals.  I started coaching with her as a single man wanting a healthy loving relationship.  In less than a year, I met my soulmate, developed a stable and healthy foundation for our relationship and we’re both amazingly grateful, in love and happy.  Thank you so much Tina.  I can’t think of a greater contribution you can make in someone’s life.  Keep coaching and making the world a better place.”

Kelly Humphrey

Tina emanates poise and kindness

“Tina emanates poise and kindness. She truly makes you feel like an individual because she tailors every lesson to YOU and wants to see you progress in every aspect of your life. Tina provided me with valuable resources that I continue to use and questioned me to open areas of my mind I had not explored. She truly enjoys what she does, which makes every session fresh and new. Thank you Tina for laying the groundwork for me to go from a life of lack to a life of abundance and happiness!”

Halley Ceglia, Therapist & Life Coach

She would take me on a journey

“In every session, she would take me on a journey to discover so much I was unaware of, especially what blocked me and all of my strengths that went unnoticed. Excitement would fill me up before each call knowing that Tina would bring new perspective and challenge me to see my worth.”


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