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Six-Week Community Group

With Tina Lensing

Release relationship baggage, improve communication and feel intimately connected to your husband!

Sound a little too familiar?

  • My husband doesn’t listen to me, I feel like I say the same thing over and over again. 
  • I feel disconnected and alone. 
  • We are not on the same page when we communicate. 
  • I just want him to open up emotionally and spiritually, but he’s like a closed book.
  • I desire to feel more confident and sexy in my relationship.

I've Got You!

Sometimes it feels like you and your husband are on TWO different planets.

He seems really distracted with TV or his phone, when all you are looking for is some love and attention. You’ve told him to put the laundry in washing machine *a million times* and he still hasn’t done it. You think to yourself, “Does he not hear me; is he ignoring me?” Then, you then start to feel anxious, disconnected and wonder, “does he even care?” And then out of nowhere he does something that surprises and delights you. So you think, “yeah, he must care.”

Then you tell yourself, “It’s not so bad, it could be worse.”

You used to have long talks that you loved, you miss that quality, intimate time together with just the two of you. Now it seems like sex is meh, maybe kids seem to take much of your focus, connection is hit or miss, and you just get into arguments much easier. And the argument are over the smallest things like, “Why didn’t you text me when you’re going to be home late.”

You hate feeling like a nag, but you also need to feel supported.

So, of course, you go and talk to your friends about it and they all seem to be having the same issues. They say things like, “He’s just not great at listening and communicating”. “It’s just the way it is, you’re going through a phase.” Or even worse, “Yeah, welcome to marriage.”

Sister, I’m here to tell you… it doesn’t have to be this way.

Keep reading if you are ready for more…

Jim Kaspari, Business Coach

"I can’t think of a greater contribution you can make in someone’s life."

“Tina has a powerful yet graceful and positive coaching style that balanced out my left-brained analytical natural tendencies.  She helped me transform from a needy pushy approach to one of faith and allowing while still taking courageous action to achieve my goals.  I started coaching with her as a single man wanting a healthy loving relationship.  In less than a year, I met my soulmate, developed a stable and healthy foundation for our relationship and we’re both amazingly grateful, in love and happy.  Thank you so much Tina.  I can’t think of a greater contribution you can make in someone’s life.  Keep coaching and making the world a better place.”

Introducing Radiant Relationship: Six Week Community Group

In this life-changing group program, you will…

Increase your confidence to feel worthy, sexy, vibrant and confident.

Decrease that anxiety and worry

Feel comfortable sharing YOUR needs

Spice up your sex life

Improve your communication



“The best relationship is when you can act like lovers and best friends at the same time.” -The Love Bits

The Content

Week 1: Get laser clear on your personal and relationship values, desires & priorities. Here you’ll learn the difference between wants and desires. You’ll also learn how to be assertive in communicating your needs along with setting healthy boundaries. 

Week 2: Learn how men and women think (and feel) COMPLETELY differently. Here we’ll dive into some AMAZING and insightful facts about men and women (which every woman needs to know). This will significantly increase your ability to communicate and connect with your husband. This will also give you more compassion and understanding of how men and women function differently.

Week 3: Learn how to stop emasculating (castrating) men which creates disconnection and anxiety for women. This is where you’ll learn how to stop the fights before they begin. Learn what you are *likely* doing that is actually driving men away from you emotionally (I was doing it, too). When this happens, men often put up a defense of withdrawal, frustration and/or anger. Learn how to connect deeply, love compassionately and listen intently.

Week 4: Learn how to overcome fear, anxiety, rejection, shame & disconnect. Here you’ll learn an effective strategy on how to look your fear in the eyes and still stay connected to your values. Practice forgiveness, releasing and transforming your darkness into light so that you can feel a deep connection to yourself first, and then to your partner. 

Week 5: Self-Love. Learn the foundation of self-love and self-care. Learn how to own and embrace your feminine side. Learn how to ask for support, amplify pleasure and connection with yourself so that you become more magnetizing for yourself and to your partner. Also learn how to step into your feminine self with grace and power! This will increase your confidence, help you to feel sexy, and give you peace of mind.  

Week 6: How to reconnect deeply to your relationship with men. Learn how to create a strong emotional connection with your partner and a healthy communication. Here you’ll learn what you can do to continue to improve your relationship, because… the better it gets, the better it gets. 

The Details

  • Six LIVE community coaching calls with Q&A
  • Starts the week of Oct. 8th
  • Seven mini workbooks with journal prompts and exercises
  • Access to a Private Facebook community of other amazing women
  • Access to Tina Lensing with questions in the FB group 
  • Cost $355 paid in full or three monthly payments of $150.

Are you more of a VIP style kind-of-gal?

I’ve got you.

Introducing Radical Relationship VIP Style: here you’ll have access to ALL THE GOODS listed above PLUS, you’ll get two deep dive 1:1 coaching session with me. Here we’ll be able to dive in uniquely to your desires, your relationship obstacles, and your next level self!

When you get specific 1:1 support, it all about YOU!

The 1:1 sessions are completely tailored to you and you can use them anytime in the six week group course. We will not just touch on the surface, we WILL dive deep, I will call you on your fear and bullshit, we’ll do some serious healing and releasing. If you are ready to expedite your healing, release old relationship baggage and begin to connect deeply to yourself and your partner, let’s do it! 

Investment $799, only 3 available!


“Tina Lensing Coaching is the best investment I’ve made in myself. While working to set and surpass career-focused goals, I gained invaluable tools that transcend business boundaries which get put to use on a daily basis. Most notably, Tina helped me to identify a pattern of self-limiting thoughts and transform them into an internal dialogue of self-love and situational acceptance that allows me to confidently take action towards my goals — career or otherwise. She’s equipped me with the knowledge, confidence and resources I need for continued success beyond our time together. In great thanks to Tina’s coaching ability, I have become the person I set out to be on our discovery call one year ago. Tina Lensing Coaching. Five stars.Two thumbs-up. Would definitely recommend.” -Jess Kaulback, Heartwood Ink

My Life Feels Fulfilling

“Tina is the first coach I’ve ever hired, and her amazing energy – warm, compassionate, open, friendly, and welcoming – initially drew me toward her, as well as how supportive and encouraging she was upon hearing about my business ideas. Working with Tina not only transformed my business, but transformed my entire life. I went from feeling unsure about my ideas, having low self-worth and low energy, to knowing, deep in my bones that my business ideas are valid, that I am intrinsically valuable as a human being (the foundation of confidence!), and now I feel like I have practically unlimited reserves of energy to work toward my goals.

Tina gave me to the tools and support to uncover and cleanse the limiting beliefs that were getting in the way of achieving my vision in life (and getting in the way of fully experiencing and enjoying life) and to discover and get into alignment with what actually matters to me, and to cut out the rest of the bullshit. Honestly, it can’t be overstated how incredibly valuable working with Tina is. My life feels fulfilling and vibrant and I’m excited to get out of bed each day to work toward making my unique contribution to the world. Thank you, Tina!”  -Amanda Wiebush, Stewardship Coach

From Lack To Abundance

“Tina emanates poise and kindness. She truly makes you feel like an individual because she tailors every lesson to YOU and wants to see you progress in every aspect of your life. Tina provided me with valuable resources that I continue to use and questioned me to open areas of my mind I had not explored. She truly enjoys what she does, which makes every session fresh and new. Thank you Tina for laying the groundwork for me to go from a life of lack to a life of abundance and happiness!” – Kelly Humphrey

It's My Time!!

If you are 100% committed to changing WHO YOU ARE and HOW YOU CONNECT in your relationship, then this is for you. This will be a transformational journey and I’m going to need a 100% HELL YES to move forward. 

Self-love + relationship transformation is not only about you right now, it’s about the transformation of the future generations, too! Be that example, lead with power and grace.

Say it with me… “It’s my time!!”

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