There is such different energy on these two situations:

I want to manifest $5K. Thus, I’m going to write positive aspects every day, meditate and get super clear on my desires and then the $5K is mine.


It feels sooo good every single day to write positive aspects, I look forward to doing it because it just gets me a yummy good feeling space. I can just feel the appreciation cruise through my body and radiate at a cellular level. Damn it feels pleasurable. And when I meditate, I just love quieting my mind. It’s like bonding time with my higher more spiritual self. I just love the experience of the glittery feeling in my body as I meditate. The tingles feel so amazing. Then, when I journal about my future desires, I get so excited and lifted with eagerness and excitement because I KNOW with certainty that they are mine and I just love feeling the possibilities of those desires coming to life. My imagination is so vivid and clear, it’s like my desires are already mine. It feels like cruising with the top down on my car, it feels like a sunny day, it feels like sunshine beating on my face, it just feels so damn good! Ugh, I can feel it right now and I love it!! I’m just going to bask in this a little longer because it feels so good.

Did you feel the difference?!?

Do you use manifesting techniques as a prescription and a to-do list, once complete you check it off the list? Or do you use those techniques to simply feel so damn good!?

Because when you surrender to the JOY of feeling good and really let go and let it happen, THAT is when the Universe matches that frequency and delivers those manifestations quite quickly. Rather than CONTROLLING (trust me I’ve done this for years without great success) the outcomes and how it will happen, you surrender to the amazing feeling of the process. Get so excited about how good you feel in the process that the outcome just has to come. It is law.

What resonated with you?!?

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