I keep hearing people say, “I”ll try to…”

++I’ll try to practice that daily.
++I’ll try to take some time for myself.
++I’ll try to hit my financial goal.
++I’ll try to call in one more client this month.
So what if you used that same language in other situations….

++Hunny, I’ll try to pick you up from school today.
++Kids, I’ll try to make you feed you today.
++Doc, I’ll try to make my appointment tomorrow.
++Boss, I’ll try to make it to work every day this week.
++Body, I’ll try to eat three meals today.

It’s interesting how we decide and commit to some areas in our lives while we half-ass or TRY in other areas of our lives.

When did you decide that you were going to TRY rather than DO?

How would your life be different if….
…you COMMITTED TO daily mindset practices?
…you were only available for $10K + months
…you made it a non-negotiable to take at least 10 minutes for yourself each day.
…you were no longer available for blaming others.
…you commit to having a date night with your hubby every week.
…you decided that running your business would be easy and profitable.

You make the rules. So ditch that word “try” and either COMMIT or SAY NO fully, 100%, whole-heartedly.
It’s a hell yes or a hell no.

How would life and business be different if you committed?

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