I Hate My Job And Want To Start My Own Business : 5 Tips Before You Quit Your Job

Do you find yourself daily saying, “I hate my job” and are on the verge of quitting every other week?!?

You are likely listening to some amazing podcasts about being an entrepreneur, personal development and creating your own reality on your way to work in an attempt to get you jazzed for your day job. Then in the evenings and and all of your free time, you are hustling to get your business up and running.

Now, some of your personalities types are more about security and safety so you’ll be much more cautious in transitioning into your own business, while others will fly right in without a specific plan.

I’m here to help you create some ease in this big transition.

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Here are 5 Tips on How To Transition from a Job You Hate to Starting Your Own Business.

1. Mindset. This is your training ground and you are in basic training RIGHT NOW. You think that all unicorns, flowers and butterflies are going to be present as soon as you quit this hellish job and start on your own. While that may just be true, why not create some SOLID momentum as you transition into this new business venture.

Here is how you can begin your mindset training for entrepreneurship RIGHT NOW.


  • Take self-responsibility: stop blaming your boss, the organization or your co-worker for YOUR unhappiness. They have no such power…unless you give yours over to them. Realize that YOU have created and contributed to your current circumstance. No need to judge or analyze it; it’s here and now you have the power to shift it.
  • Those people and situations that piss you off the most are your GREATEST teachers right now. They likely are reflecting back to you…your shadows [insert blog post here]. You know the areas of yourself that you don’t love. Start to get curious here by simply observing your thoughts rather than reacting. THIS IS GOLD and will definitely help you in your business to come. Get curious why these people and situations annoy you, become an investigator. This will help in building relationships in your business in the near future.
  • Notice what do each day to create pleasure and joy in your work. Yes, there are moments here, find them. Again, you are all about creating momentum. This is momentum and a jumping off point for you to flow beautifully into your own business. Start to create some massive momentum with finding joys, pleasures and how what you are doing RIGHT NOW is actually feeding into your vision (even if it’s just mindset practice).
  • Get into a routine to train your mindset for success. Do you have a morning practice: meditation, gratitude, self-love, journaling or exercise? You might be saying, “Yeah, I’ll start that when I have time, when I have my own business.” That’s an excuse. If you want to create this type of lifestyle, start now! Figure out what serves you and start to create a daily ritual into your current routine. Again, this creates momentum for your new DESIRED state in the future.  


  1. Build relationships NOW. Begin to notice what has worked really well with curating lasting and strong relationships in your workplace. Likely, in your business, you’ll be engaging with people. Notice where you were shining and notice where you struggled. This will give you insight into the types of relationships you plan to curate in your own business: with clients and a support team. Even feel free to seek out feedback from your co-workers and see where your assets lie and where you can improve. You will make mistakes in your business and so create a toolbox of resources you can you for future reference. This will all help to create momentum train your mind to focus on the present and future, rather than ruminating about past events.


  1. Resources and Training: Be sure to utilize any tools and training that may be an asset to you moving forward. This isn’t about stealing proprietary information by any means, this is about gaining the tools and knowledge you have easy access to, to do your job AND for the start of your new business. Takes a sales course, connect with a public relations representative, or take a personality test. Whatever you feel would be an asset to you moving forward, why not take full advantage of what is available to you RIGHT NOW. Sometimes we are blind to our opportunities when we are sulking in how terrible this workplace is for you right now. Begin to open your eyes to see the bigger picture, the vision. This will also help you in your business to always be looking forward, not back.


  1. Create the transition plan. Yes, this is the scariest and most powerful part. This is different for everyone. Set a date. This feels SO empowering! I strongly encourage it, like, today. Set that end date. Energetically and physically it is you setting that date and setting that boundary for your next level.
  • Save a chunk of money (for me $10K felt good) set aside for your transition. I know some people who quit their job with no money and pure faith and are thriving and I know others who set aside a certain dollar amount. I’m a bit more cautious so it felt really good physically and energetically for me to have a cushion. Know what your expenses are each month and save at least a few months cushion for yourself along with some start-up costs.
  • Once you set that date, set some intentions and DECLARE your business goals in this transition period. How many clients do you desire to sign on? What is your revenue goal in the next few months? What products/services do you wish to have created by a certain date? This is where it can be really helpful to have a mentor or coach to support you.


  1. Find some support! I don’t care if this is a free Facebook group, a high-end coach or a course. It’s extremely important to have at least one other person who is able to see and hear you vision and support you through this transition. It’s best if they have been through the transition themselves.

Often what can happen is we fall into the trap of “I hate my job; I hate my job; I hate my job!” All the while, we are killing our momentum. The hate for your job is an asset to you because it is causing so much pain that it’s catapulting you into a business that you are passionate about. So yes, see the beauty in the hate and your current circumstance… AND step into that badass, future version of yourself RIGHT NOW so that you can create some massive momentum in your business right away!!

Business is all about momentum. Mindset is all about momentum. It’s your time right now. Let’s get that momentum rolling!

If you loved this and want even more tips and tools on how to start your own business. Here are some delicious goodies: Free 5 Day Course on How To Launch Your Coaching Business. If you are 100% ready to dive in and start your own coaching business, Aligned Coaching 8-Week Digital Course will help you fully launch with ease!

What resonated with you today?!




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