You’ve been hearing all the benefits of journaling and now are wondering, how to start journaling?

I’ve got you.  

First, I want to share with you that there is no right or wrong way to journal. I’ve been journaling for years with amazing outcomes such as overcome big obstacles, coming up with business ideas and learning to love myself at a much deeper level. Since I’ve had such a profound experiencing from journaling, I wanted to share with you some journaling tips on how to get begin.

Here I’ll break it down into three easy steps to get you going. Plus, you’ll receive some journaling prompts right here to get you started today!

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Three Steps On How To Start Journaling

1. Get Yourself A Journal

The first piece of journaling is making sure you have a dedicated journal to store all of your goodness. This might sound obvious, but having a specific journal that has all of your secrets, ideas, pain points and revelations is powerful. You see, you train your mind that your journal is a safe space to explore the depth of your soul. It becomes a familiar place for you to show up in a more and more intimate way. Plus, having a dedicated journal will make it really easy for you to track the progress you’ve made over time. You can always look back at the old pages in your journal to see how far you’ve come in a short period of time. Or sometimes you can see the same old story replaying over and over again which is insightful and can help you move forward. 

2. Why Do You Want To Journal

Next you’ll want to get clear on why it is that you want to journal. Is it because someone told you to? Is it because you’re working on forgiving someone? Is it to powerfully step into your future self? Is it to vent and get pissed? In all of my journals that I’ve created in The Untamed Entrepreneur Journaling Series, I have a dedicated space each week for getting clear on your desires. If we are not clear on our desires, we will simply fall into someone else’s. This never ends well, often in resentment or dissatisfaction. Some of you may have been taught to suppress your desires. That time has come to an end, you are a powerful being with deep desires. I’m here to help you uncover those desires so that you can live your greatest potential. So tell me, what is your desire for journaling? Now, go write that down in your journal.

Journal Prompt: The reason I’m starting journaling right now is because I desire…

3. Closing The Gaps

Now that you are clear on your desire, the idea here is to close the gap. Here you can give appreciation on the progress you’ve already made toward that desire. Often we are so laser focused on the future or how we can improve that we forget to appreciate how far we have already come. This is a moment for you to pause and celebrate your momentum. Here, you can also explore what old patterns are holding you back so that you do not need to feel stuck anymore. Lastly, you can begin to identify what you can do/think/feel to move you closer to that desire.

Here are some free journal prompts to get you going on how to start journaling.

Journal Prompts:
What progress have I already made toward my desire?
What is holding me back from having my desires right now?
What can I do/think differently that would move me toward my desire?

Awesome, see you are starting your journaling right now!!

Those are three quick steps to help you on how to start journaling. If you are looking for more free journal prompts to keep the momentum going, click here. If you are ready to make a commit to journaling for the next month or two, come pick out your favorite journal here to get started. Each journal has daily journal prompts. The journals will walk you through a 7 step-process that is repeated each week for eight weeks. This process will teach you how to start journaling and give you daily prompts to create a ritual that helps you uplevel your mindset and step into your future self.

What if 10 minutes a day could lead you to success, would you do it?

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