“When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.” – Meredith Hill

Now you are likely wondering, how can I connect with my ideal clients?

I’m so excited I created my first video blog, made with love especially for you!! I like to mix the practical + strategic with the energetic + soulful pieces of business. So that is exactly what I’ll be tackling today. I’ll share three main points to connect with your ideal clients.

First of all, I wanted to share that I avoided identifying my ideal clients for the first 8 months of my business, simply because I didn’t think it was necessary and because it felt comfortable to keep me playing small. Now, I also like to share that I was not very profitable my first 8 months EITHER. Once I got really clear BOTH energetically and physically (and dropped the limiting beliefs- more on that another day), then the ideal clients came to me MUCH easier and faster. I felt like I was struggling to attract ideal clients, and once I did these exercises, suddenly, I was ecstatic about the clients I was bringing in. I seriously LOVE my clients now, whoot-whoot!

I want to start by saying. Your unique message is so important and your products and services are, too. So let’s get you out there so you can connect more intimately and deeply with the clients you can serve best!

1. Let’s start with the practical & strategic tips: Who are your ideal clients?


Now remember, if your response is “everyone”, everyone = no one. I know it can feel scary to limit people out of your services. This is a common fear. When you start out, you want to serve EVERYONE. Well, that mentality will have you be beige in a beige room. I want you to stick out; I want you to be bold; hot pink in that beige room.

So who do you LOVE LOVE LOVE to work with? Get clear here. Is it women, millennials, business owners, pregnant mothers, artists, chiropractors, students, teenagers, authors? Really get crystal here on who IDEALLY you would prefer to work with.

For example, I started out with calling myself a Life & Business Coach (sooo broad). Then, I narrowed in on Mindset & Business Coach for female Coaches, Creatives and Healers. Now I can really tailor my message to those clients specially. You see it is still quite broad in the grand scheme of things, but much more specific and I can really connect with them on a more intimate level.

Think about it like dating many people broadly vs. becoming more intimate with one person. Once you create that intimacy, you can connect with them on such a deeper level. Do I have clients outside of that niche– yes, I do work with some men and that’s okay. But for my marketing, the goal is to be specific and tailor that message to your ideal clients on an intimate level.

So if you are unsure of who that might be, reflect back on your favorite clients. Who are they? Begin to narrow that niche a bit so you can get clear on who you love to work with.


  1. Next, what are those ideal client’s pain points, challenges & goals?


No not in your words, in their words. You want your ideal client to read your marketing (video, website, social media posts) and say, “Hey that’s totally me, she gets me.”

What are their pain points?

  • Debt
  • Hoarding
  • New to motherhood
  • Being sick all the time
  • Physical pain
  • Feeling stuck
  • Hating their 9-5 job
  • Feeling unsexy


Once you know the problem, you are there to deliver the solution. It’s like a weight-loss. When you put on a few pounds, you think about doing something about it. Then, when you can’t fit into your pants, the pain level is soo high, that you just HAVE to do something about it. Marketing is like that. You see their problem and you’re right there to provide a solution. So think about what problem you can solve for them.

If you know what you ideal client’s pain points are, great- speak directly to them and share how your service or product can solve their problem (how to get out of debt), make it easier for them (weekly menu options with grocery list) or have an emotional impact (how to overcome shyness in dating).

If you don’t know what your ideal client’s pain points are ask them with a mini survey and in general conversation. They can be simple questions like, what areas do you need most help with in your_________ (business, health relationship, etc). Social media is great for this once you are in front of your ideal clients. Ask away!

Then LISTEN…carefully! Notice the word choice, jot it down. Keep a record of this and over time, you’ll begin to see what the common language is around their problems, challenges and pain points. Look at the difference between, “I’m a money guru.” vs. “I’ll help you get out of debt quickly and feel confident about your relationship with money.” You can see the pain point: debt and lack of confidence. The solution: get out of debt and raise your confidence.

Another example, “I’ll help you work from the inside out to start your business.” vs. “I’ll help you to find clarity in your business so you can blow past those obstacles that make you feel stuck.” Challenge: feeling stuck and uncertainty in their business; outcome: clarity.

Great!! So now it’s your turn.

In review, the practical and strategic tips to connect with ideal client are: identifying their problems, challenges, and pain points and speak directly to how you can provide them with a solution, short-cut or emotional impact.


  1. Now, let’s talk about the energetic and practical side of things!


We know what we focus on expands. Thus, if we focus on worrying about finding our ideal clients, that worry will expand. The good news with that is that the opposite is true, too! One of my mentors, Crystal Marsh, taught me the energetic side of attracting your ideal clients, which I LOVE and can’t wait to share it with all of you.

This is the side of things that are NOT usually talked about. Think of this exercise as a visualization exercise. You want to energetically align with these statements [or something related] and really feel them to be true. Do this before you promote yourself, you’ll be able to experience the difference energetically.

Ideal Client Visualization Exercise: say these words and feel them to be true.

  • I know that my client needs my help specifically.
  • I can intuitive feel who is a good fit for me.
  • My ideal client really sees the importance of working with me and CAN’T afford not to work with me.
  • They are so easy to contact and respond promptly to my requests.
  • They happily pay my rates for my products and services.
  • They will happily provide testimonials and referrals to me.
  • They really want MY specific and unique offerings, no need to contort myself.
  • With my help, they get results and are committed and consistent.


This exercise can be powerful to energetically connect with those ideal clients. They are out there, yes they are let’s energetically connect with them and attract them into your business!

So there you have it.

A quick recap:

  1. Identify who are your ideal clients? (specific is good here)
  2. Next, the practical and strategic tips to connect with ideal client are: identify their problems, challenges, or pain points and speak directly to how you can provide a solution, short-cut or emotional impact.
  3. Lastly, visualize those ideal clients coming right-on in so you can energetically align with them.

Be sure to leave a comment below if this resonated with you or if you have any questions or comments.

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If you want to go even more in detail to create an ideal client avatar here is a wonderful blog that teaches you how to do so! Enjoy. Thanks so much for joining me today.


With so much love!!


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