Today, I hear to teach you how to grow your social media list organically on Facebook in this video blog.

Grow Your Social Media List Organically on Facebook, list growth, growing email list

Social Media List Growth

Here are the three steps to grow your social media list organically on Facebook discussed in more detail in the video.

Step 1: Set your intention. Be sure to set your intention for list growth which means put an actual number on it, like “I want to grow my Facebook group by five people per day”. Then, create an intention of how you desire to feel as you make an impact on this list of ideal clients.

Step 2: Add value. First you should know who your ideal client is; if you don’t, read here to identity your ideal client. Once you know who that is, you’ll want to go into other Facebook groups and ask pointed questions to help solve your ideal client’s problems. For example, if you know how to help people identify their ideal client, showcase your skills in the public group for all to see the magic. The goal here is to help your ideal clients gain small momentum. I just did this and 12 people joined my group that day because of the value I added. So easy. Another woman shared that after she watched this video and applied all the skills, she grew her Facebook group immediately!

Step 3: Engage, engage, engage. Facebook is a social media engagement platform. So to work aligned with Facebook, you’ll want to post and then actually interact with those people who respond to your post in the first 15-30 minutes so that more people will be able to see your posts. High engagement is your friend. For example, if I work with new coaches, I may ask, “Who here is working their 9-5 and dying to actually launch their coaching business?” Once you get responses like, “Me!” Start to engage and ask pointed question like, “do you have an ideal time frame you are looking to make the transition?” Eventually, you’ll want to add value in this engagement.

So there you go. The video is much more in depth on how to grow your social media list organically using Facebook groups. If you loved this information and want more, be sure to join my private Facebook group, Untamed Women in Business, to be sure not to miss out on future blogs, videos and connecting with other amazingly successful women.

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