There are SO many options for products to buy when you are pregnant as a first-time mom. I’m in my third trimester and about ready to deliver. I’ve basically only purchased FIVE essential items that were golden during my pregnancy. I’m an entrepreneur and often focus more on business, relationships and mental health. However, since I am a first-time mother, I wanted to share my recommendations with you! Enjoy.

Below is a list of all the goods so you don’t have to waste lots of time researching or money buying and trying out all the different products.

pregnancy must-haves
  • 1. PRENATAL VITAMINS: I switched a bit throughout pregnancy and found two really great options that were both recommended by my local health foods store. There are the Emerald vitamins, a 30-day supply for $44.71, and the Bluebonnet vitamins which is a 60-day supply for $22.50. As I said, I switched back and forth between the two.
  • 2. COMFY UNDIES: It is quite surprising how quickly your old underwear starts to feel tight and uncomfortable. Get yourself some new undies that are super comfortable, cute, and really affordable! My absolute favorites are Jockey Tactel Bikini underwear. They are SO comfortable and they come in many different colors and patterns. Plus, they are “no panty line”. Now to be completely honest, when I wear leggings, you can still see the panty lines, but I still LOVE them and highly recommend them.
  • 3. NURSING BRAS: Now, you are probably thinking, “Hey, I’m pregnant, not nursing…yet.” One lesson I learned during pregnancy is to find all things comfortable because pregnancy does come with some definite discomfort. With my bras, I wanted to feel supported and comfortable. Of course, I have some sexier options, too. But for my everyday use, I use the iLoveSIA Nursing Bras which my lovely sister gifted me. I fell in love. They are super comfortable, no underwire, adjustable, and you can use them for nursing, too. They also come with bra extenders, which have been glorious. Who knew that your bust and around your rib cage would grow in size, too. I’ve used the extenders by the end of my first trimester. The four-pack is $38.99.  (If you don’t want to buy them in a combo, you can buy them separately: 3-Pack iLoveSIA Bras for $29.99 and The 3-Pack Bra Extenders for $6.99).  
  • 4. COCONUT OIL: I live in the Sierra Mountains and it is extremely dry here. As you are growing, your skin will likely start to itch as it stretches. Calm that discomfort, sister! I tried different lotions, but honestly, I ended up using coconut oil. I’m due with my baby very soon and so far no stretch marks. I put the coconut oil on after I shower and whenever else I felt the urge. I didn’t put it on daily. I’ve been really enjoying the Garden of Life Coconut Oil. I love that it comes in different sizes and you can get it in glass, instead of plastic. I’m a tree hugger and love the environment so small things like that matter in my purchasing! The cost is $7-$17 depending on the size and the container.
  • 5. PILLOWS: Pillows are your friend for comfort. Personally, I borrowed some of the pillows from our sofa and bought some king size pillows from a gift card that I had lying around. There is this one specific pillow that IS worth mentioning. The Boppy Pregnancy Wedge Pillow, which is a small little pillow you can put under your belly when you are lying on your side. This is most helpful once you get into your second and third trimester and your stomach starts to get heavier. The cost is $15.99.

I personally have never tried the Full Body Pregnancy Pillow, but some of my friends RAVED about it. So it’s totally up to you, I liked having lots of pillows because around 20 weeks, I liked to sleep in a reclined upright position (queen’s pose) and then in my later second and third trimester, I slept on my side. It also depends on how you usually sleep as well. Before I was pregnant, I slept on my back or my stomach, so adjusting to the side sleeping was more difficult for me.

That’s a  wrap. I really hope that you take these considerations to help you save some time and money. They are the essential recommendations from one mama to another! I want you to have a healthy pregnancy and feel as comfortable as you can along the way!

++I am an affiliate for some of the products above so I will receive a small sum of money if you purchase the products through my affiliate links. Thanks for your support!

Let me know what you think of the products, I’d love to hear!



Tina Lensing, Transformational Coach + Blogger

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