A Five-Week Live Digital Program

With Tina Lensing

Emotional Intelligence | High Standards | Integrity | Impeccable Communication 

You love to lead. You lead powerfully...

Until… a client triggers you, someone becomes unhappy with your services, a client outgrows you/makes snail-paced progress or when doubt takes over. You have this level of confidence but it’s shaky. 

When difficult situations arise, you may immediately resort to, I need to set a firm boundary. You have good intentions, but it ends up coming off as a pushy, my-way-or the highway vibe. Or you shrink down and decide to make an exception with your standards, just this once.

Or you break into “what did I do to attract this into my experience. I mean, maybe it’s because…” and that takes you on a wicked tailspin that ends up with you blaming your father for always being right or some other past experience. 

I Get It. I Really Do.

I’ve been in the firm, “no we cannot continue any coaching until that next payment is made, I canceled your session.” In this aggressive approach, I’m thinking “I’m in my power setting a firm boundary” and I’ve been in the situation where I decided to give a friend a discounted rate and felt exhausted over-delivery to her every need. I’ve also overanalyzed why things happen to the T and allowed it to consume SO MUCH TIME. 


It’s exhausting! 

That’s why you’re here.

In my communication with my husband, I went from “I’m right, you’re wrong.” To, hey… “let’s see if we can find a win-win situation”. I went from strong emotions, I needed to cry to get this out of my body, to I get to take this raw, yummy energy and use it to create. 

I went from blaming every coach I’ve ever hired (like 7 of them) and asking for refunds left and right, to take ownership of my decisions in each one of those investments. 

We often have this double-standard. 

Like, yes, I teach integrity. Yes, I teach self-responsibility. And yet, I blame my kids for my stress and COVID for my loneliness. Energy doesn’t lie. It’s not sustainable to teach one thing and then walk out of integrity. 

And then you attract “those clients” into your sphere and get frustrated with them or feel stuck with them.

Let's Clean It Up!

I want to whip you back into integral shape.

We’re going to clean it all up.

Impeccable communication.

High standards and actually following through with them.

Being integral to what you teach.

Leading yourself through strong emotions.

So that you can powerfully lead others with significant transformation.

The Details:

  • Starts: Sept. 7th (Doors open on the 3rd)
  • Cost $333 pay in full, $185 payment plan
  • Duration: 5-Week live, digital program
  • One live group coaching call
  • Weekly lives/content: Some pre-recorded and some live. Always one live call per week.  
  • Multiple touchpoints per week.
  • Private Facebook Group and access to Tina for Q&A
  • VIP option: one, 1:1 coaching session with me in addition to the live program, cost: $888 (limited spots).

When I Lead Myself First, Magic Happens.

“Intuitive angel along your journey if you’re stuck.”

“When I had an opportunity to work with Tina I was at a point of confusion as to where I needed to go with my business and my messaging.I felt stuck! Extremely stuck and could see self-sabotaging behavior on the horizon. With the Universe being involved, Tina had a sense to reach out to me and it was perfect timing because I needed her! She was able to within a 90-minute session help me understand what was blocking me, who I was truly desiring to work with, and where I needed to go with my messaging!!! I’m truly grateful for her and her guidance and highly recommend such an intuitive angel along your journey if you’re stuck!!!”

Xerxes Simpson

"Best Investment I Made In Myself"

“Tina Lensing Coaching is the best investment I’ve made in myself.  While working to set and surpass career-focused goals, I gained invaluable tools that transcend business boundaries which get put to use on a daily basis.  Most notably, Tina helped me to identify a pattern of self-limiting thoughts and transform them into an internal dialogue of self-love and situational acceptance that allows me to confidently take action towards my goals — career or otherwise.  She’s equipped me with the knowledge, confidence and resources I need for continued success beyond our time together.  In great thanks to Tina’s coaching ability, I have become the person I set out to be on our discovery call one year ago.  Tina Lensing Coaching.  Five stars.  Two thumbs-up.  Would definitely recommend.”

– Jessica Kaulback

20 Sales In A Few Hours

“We aren’t talking til next week but I felt the need to tell you that I started an Etsy page today and have sold 20 items in the last few hours! I’m so excited and feel really grateful that you’ve been helping me figure things out and build confidence in my abilities. I definitely wouldn’t have taken this step without your help. It’s making me really happy and helping me figure out my path even more.”

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