Do You Keep Manifesting The Same Annoying Results Over And Over Again?

Are you one of those people who have the basic understanding of the Law of Attraction, but just keep manifesting the same annoying results time and time again?!

I’ve got you.

There are a few missing pieces that most manifestation coaches don’t share. Number one, there are lots of other Laws of the Universe, and the Law of Attraction is just one of them. More on that another time.

The other piece is: you’ve likely heard.. what you resists persists.

BUT if you don’t know WHAT you are resisting, you likely keep falling into the same pattern over and over again and unsure of what to do about it. 

Annoying, I get it. I’ve totally been there.

Maybe for you that looks like falling for the same type of guy over and over again and things not working out. Others may be called to work with the same type of boss time and time again. A big one that I see is manifesting the same money situation over and over again when you are trying to shift this.

If you’re reading this, you are likely a spiritual entrepreneurs (or aspiring one) who deeply  cares about growth and expansion.

So that resistance…what’s that all about.

Okay, stay with me here. It’s likely the shadow. You know the dark parts of you that you don’t really like, that disgust you or that you’d rather just not talk about: that arrogant side of you, that bitchy side of you or that sensitive side of you.

Those parts of you that you don’t love are hidden off in the shadows. You think you’ve hidden them, but actually you’ve given them power by pushing them away (knowingly or unknowingly). You know those annoying bosses you keep attracting, or that arrogant intimate partner or that repeated unexpected bill. All of those situations and people are your mirrors.

You are calling them into your experience, attracting them. They are here to teach you.

When you are too distracted reacting and getting pissed about your shadows, you’re actually just calling more and more of this shenanigans into your experience. It’s a vicious cycle that many of us are not even aware of!

Interesting huh?!

So, let me paint you an example from my own person experience.


I was trying to shut her down. Block her out. Throw her away, like she was the trashy, un-useful part of me.

When I sat with the worrier in me, I realized her purpose. She was there to protect me and show caution. She was the responsible one. The money worrier in me showed me how to be frugal, to pay bills on-time, helped me pay off student debt quickly, and helped me to achieve excellent credit.

What if….the shadow part of me served a purpose.

I neglected her for so long. Like she was weak, unwelcome and annoying.

I see this shadow now.

Does this mean I need to worry all the time? NO

Does this mean I need to fix that part of me? NO

All this means is that I’m able to see the POWER in my shadow, the purpose that part of me served. It helps me to have compassion for the WHOLE of me, not just the adorable and pleasant parts of me.

What happens when you shine light on the darkness? Your shadows are seen, acknowledged and brought to the light. Now, I can already see some of you wanting to shift or fix the shadowy part of you. I get it; we are fixers. We always want to fix, fix, fix. We think that those parts of ourselves need to be fixed.

They don’t. They can simply just be there as teachers. Yes, you can learn from your shadows without needing to change them.

So here are a few steps to get you started:

1. What parts of you do you love love love about yourself?

2. Okay, now what are the opposites of that quality you just shared above? (this is likely your shadow)

3. When you hold space for that shadow what arises?

4. What brilliance or genius has the shadow taught you? 

This is a mini practice on how to bring attention to the shadow so that you do not continue to resist that part of you that’s just a little harder to love. In our society we are taught to love certain parts of us and dislike the rest. That’s like saying, I only love part of my child…the rest of her is terrible. Sounds a little harsher when it’s about someone else you love, huh?!

So I’d love to hear, what is your shadow that you have just exposed?!? I want to know!

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