Dare To Be Bare: Are You Willing To Go All In?


I have so much I desire to create
But it’s hidden behind this jacket.
This jacket is full of pain,
Well, you can just take the jacket off.
No, then who will I be, this pain has helped shape who I am?
Well, you can just take the jacket off.
No, then how will I justify things being hard.
Well, you can just take the jacket off and it won’t be so hard.
But then, what if no one likes me without my jacket. What if I don’t like myself.
Well, maybe just take your jacket off and you can see for yourself.
No, it’s my security, it’s predictable, it’s comfort.
But, you hate your jacket, why don’t you just put it down.
No, you don’t understand, I don’t know what it’s like to not wear it.
Okay, yeah, whatever, just keep your jacket on, then.
Well no, I don’t like it. I want something more. Something different.
Okay, then take the jacket off.
Having one foot in the direction of your desires and one foot back on what you’ve done in the past isn’t going to cut it.
We do this in business when we hide just a bit, tame our message just a bit, or shrink when things start to heat up.
Dare to be bare.
Fully step into your creative genius.
And create something from nothing.
The world we live in today is amazing. It has never been easier to create something from nothing other than your brilliant gifts. I’m here to tell you it IS possible, but it takes some courage, a splash of grit, and an immense belief in yourself and your art/service.
Dare to be bare.
Fully express yourself.
Even when the truth is difficult for others to hear.
You have a powerful message inside of you that others will be captured by, inspired, and in awe. You need to be able to share it powerfully without a filter of how things should be done. Your gift is an original piece of artwork in the making and the thing about an original piece of art is that it is priceless.
Dare to be bare.
Look shadows right in the eyes.
And choose to evolve from them.
Every circumstance in front of you can curate evidence that you’ll fail or that you thrive. It is essential to train your mind to look for success, to look for progress, and to look for momentum.
Dare to be bare.
Chose to dance in chaos without collapsing.
And celebrate loudly no matter where you’re at in the journey.
Chaos is just the moment before expansion. When you can lock eyes with the chaos and look at it with neutral eyes, unafraid, it loses its power.  And you know that what’s on the other side is evolution, so you walk through the discomfort because you know that being able to hold higher levels of discomfort is just part of the game of success. And then you find every single reason possible to celebrate!!
Dare to be bare.

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