When you are starting or growing your coaching business, you realize that technology and software systems are worthwhile to invest in because they save you a significant amount of time and effort. I’ve compiled a list of different software systems that I use to run my business smoothly. It ends up being only about $60/month for the software systems that I recommend here.

I’d highly recommend for the first year in business to invest in the TOP TWO software listed below: email marketing and scheduling software.

Email Marketing Software: If you are looking to create an email list, you’ll want to set up an email marketing software. Legally, people are supposed to “opt-in” to your email list in order for you to be sending out newsletters, alerts or broadcasts. Email marketing software ALSO is really beautiful because you can set up emails on automation. For example, if you created a freebie and someone opts-in to receive it. You can set it up where they’ll automatically receive that freebie without any manual work from you once you initially set it up. Also, with ConvertKit you can create landing pages even if you don’t have a website set up yet. 

  • 1st recommendation: ConvertKit: super easy, ability to separate lists to categories, can send a broadcast to everyone on your list, can set up automation. Plus, there are landing pages and opt-in forms you can create to make this opt-in process super easy!

Scheduling: If you are looking for a worry-free scheduling system for your client appointments, an automated scheduling software system is the way to go! I like to streamline the process as much as possible. This saves you from having the back and forth email on time/date availability. 

Client Agreement: I highly recommend having a legal client agreement between your clients and yourself. This helps to lay out the expectations, payments, scheduling and overall structure for your time together.

  • 2nd recommendation: Create one yourself. It’s better to have some type of client agreement compared to nothing! 

E-Signatures For Client Agreements: If you have a client agreement and desire to both electronically sign online, a software program that allows e-signature is super convenient.

  • 1st recommendation: HelloSign. Super easy to set up; you upload your client agreement, prep it for signing and then sign away. Always have your clients sign the agreement first and you sign second.

Social Media Scheduling: If you have a lifestyle where you desire to show up on social media and desire to save time being present on social media, having a schedule can be super convenient.

  • 1st recommendation: Buffer: super easy to set up. You can link Buffer to your social media accounts and schedule when you desire them to be posted on your social media platforms.

Group Coaching Calls:  (I use intermittently).

  • 1st recommendation: Zoom: super easy to set up. You can have a private group coaching call with video, audio, screen-share and recording features. You can also upgrade and host webinars and go on Facebook live with guests. This service is free if you only meet with one person (as long as you want). Otherwise, if you meet with more than one person, the free version is only for 45 minutes total. If you are having a group program, then you may want to upgrade to the paid option

++Prices are subject to change. These are the prices as of January 2018.

++I am an affiliate for some of these programs and do receive a small compensation for promotion. I like to be open and upfront about this. I love promoting other business that I love and make my business flow smoothly.

ENJOY! I use all of these software options in my business.

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Tina Lensing, MSW

Mindset & Business Coach for Entrepreneurs: Creatives & Coaches. Alignment first, strategy second.

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