When you used to be a push-over and now you set some firm boundaries. Sometimes, it sucks.

I’m talking about myself. I used to care MORE about what others thought that what my inner being thought. I shut up the divine guidance inside of me so that I would appear to be “nice” on the outside.

Guess what?!?

Your inner being will not be deflated; it’s a fire that just keeps burning. She is effing fierce, she is determined and s/he has unwaveringly love for you. Period.

There is no drama and there is no pressure (other than to be yourself).

As a coach I have a decision to make: to be nice or to 100% serve my clients. If I allow them to complain and make excuses, they will continue with the life they are living. If I call them on their bullshit, then they up-level and grow because of that.

In my personal life, it’s a bit more difficult (but getting easier) being my true self and not caring what others think my full expression. The older I get the less tolerance I have for people who do not support me in being 100% Tina.

So if you are starting out your business and feeling like a push-over, here is what I have used to set firm boundaries. The firmer you set boundaries with yourself, the easier it is with everything and everyone else. Think of this like momentum. At first it will sting a bit more (because you’ve created momentum going in a different direction) and the more consistent you are, the more momentum you create. Because let’s be honest, our outside world is a reflection of our inner world.

1. Does this decision make me feel expansive (excited, growth-oriented, good-feeling) or contracting (tense, sad, fearful) and LISTENING to that inner guidance!

2. Once you make a decision 100% believe in yourself, regardless of what others think. Affirmation: “I 100% trust myself and my decision.”

3. Focus your time and energy on those that make you feel expansive and resonate with you. Release and forgive those who aren’t ready to hear your message.

Tough love, sure. I like to think of more as 100% alignment. Keep it real, beauty. You have important and magnificent things to share in this world, don’t let low-vibing people steal your thunder. You were born as a high-vibing queen, so ‘reign’ on!

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