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One Hour Anxiety Workshop


Who is it for exactly: high-functioning, intelligent, driven, men & women who have been struggling with anxiety and worry and they are starting to get SCARED because it’s taking over the pleasure and peace in their lives, relationships, and career.  You’re looking for a DIFFERENT long-term solution, rather than just managing your symptoms. 

This Keeps Happening: 

-You continue to go for therapy for YEARS (or refuse to go) because you are only learning to MANAGE the anxiety.

-Anxiety/worry will consume 80% your energy and makes you feel exhausted, burned out, and overwhelmed.

-Eventually, your creative will feels depleted and that zest for life diminishes.

-You have difficulty falling and staying asleep.

How are the experts are actually steering you wrong:

-They keep telling you to come back to therapy for YEARS.

-They prescribe medications that make you feel foggy and tired.

-They tell you, “you just have to live with it and manage the symptoms forever.”

-They keep telling you how having anxiety is ‘normal’’ and how 19% of the US population has anxiety, nearly twice as many women as men.

-They keep telling you how to MANAGE it only. 

There is another way:

Experts go off of the research-based therapy, what THEY don’t know if that there is a HUGE missing piece. I know because I’ve been the one providing the research-based treatment modalities AND I’ve tested out personally this new way which has been a TOTAL GAME CHANGER. 

The common modalities address the MIND (restructuring thoughts), emotions (emotional regulation), body (breathing and mindfulness), but most experts don’t address the ENERGY and the spiritual side. WHICH IS THE LONG-TERM DIFFERENCE MAKER!!

What’s the real answer:

I worked in the mental health field as a licensed therapist for years.  They are ill-equipped to handle some patients. And so I want YOU to learn the missing pieces so that you can experience the ability to fall asleep (rather than worrying for hours), energy to finally start that project you’ve been wanting to begin and to finally feel at ease (rather than you’re walking on eggshells). 

And most importantly…WAY WAY WAY more moments of serenity. You know that moment when time seems to stop as your watching the sunset, that moment you laugh so hard at your kids that you are in tears, that moment you simply enjoy the hot water pouring over you in the shower. It’s about changing your ENERGETIC STATE and your FREQUENCY so that you can have those moments of serenity MAJORITY of the time. I’ll show you HOW. It doesn’t take years either.



This one-hour training + (Q&A to follow) will help you to fill in the blanks of the missing piece to actually create LONG-TERM EFFECTS in your tireless hours of worry and anxiety so that you can actually create some space for PEACE. You’ll also receive a practical tool (PDF) and learn HOW TO create lasting effects on your mind and HOW TO tailor it to your own unique experience, incorporating mind, body, emotions, AND energy. This workshop will be LIVE on Thursday, April 25th at 3pmPST. A recording will also be available if you are unable to attend. 

What do you say? Are you ready? It takes some serious focus and commitment.

Tiered pricing: 

-First 20 sign-ups: $75

-Next 21-50 sign-ups: $100

-Any sign-ups over 50: $125



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