Three Week Anxiety Disruption 101 Mini Course

With Tina Lensing

For those struggling with anxiety, obsessive worrying & perfectionism.

Let's Do This!

Who is it for exactly: high-functioning, intelligent, driven, men & women who have been struggling with anxiety and worry and they are starting to get SCARED because it’s taking over the pleasure and peace in their lives, relationships, and business/career.

What are they struggling with: obsessive worrying, debilitating anxiety or perfectionism, and they know it’s a problem. You’re probably thinking, “Ugh this anxiety is ruining my life.”

If you’re like any of my clients often it’s anxiety about: not feeling worthy, like you are somehow screwing up your life, worry about what others are thinking of you, concerned about abandonment, or just basically feel anxious over EVERYTHING and anything in your life.

I get it. I’ve had anxiety, obsessive worrying, and even some panic attacks. It sucks and feels like you are totally out of control (and that’s what you want most…control).

I can show you a FULL BODY transformation: BODY, MIND, EMOTIONS, and SPIRIT. No not just tools to use, but long-term TRANSFORMATION and sustainability in thriving (not managing) your anxiety. 

Likely you’re a rebel, I am too. The mental health field is ill-equipped to handle your spiritual gifts, your intuitive knowing, and your rebellious nature. I used to work as a therapist in the mental health department for five years. It’s powerful for some and unhelpful for others who are determined to do it the non-traditional way!

 Let’s get you some peace of mind & harmony so that you can get on with crushing your goals in your business and relationships!  


Week 1: Anxiety Transformation: How To Get Started: Learn how to quickly shift from controlling and anxious to a peaceful state. Here you’ll learn a specific tool that you can use (I use it daily) to COMPLETELY transform your state of being, not just your thoughts LONG-TERM. This is seriously GOLD. This is the best tool I’ve seen after 8+ years in the mental health and self-help world. Plus, this tool is meant to accommodate your unique needs. You’ll also receive ACTIONABLE steps on how to integrate this tool into your life. 

Week 2: Raising Standards And Enforcing Your Boundaries: Learn to trust again so that it feels safe to take back your power. You’re likely a giver. Here you’ll learn how to set and follow through with high standards, creating firm boundaries and defining the new higher version of yourself. This will upgrade your life and your energy level, by changing all of those habits that are soul-sucking and exhausting. The workbook will provide you with action steps on how you can shock your system and break those old habits by setting and enforcing new standards today! 

Week 3: Become An Intuitive Master: You’re likely spending lots of time in your head. Here we’ll help you move out of your head and into your body so that you can learn to become more intuitive and holistic in your decision-making.  You’ll learn when to trust your body and when NOT to (no one is teaching this). Plus, this is where you unlock your creativity and pleasure! Yummy! 


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Three modules to do at your own pace: three videos and workbooks for easy integration.

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“Way more organized”

“More energy”

She’s equipped me with the knowledge, confidence, and resources I need for continued success.”

Not needing to perfect EVERYTHING

Peace of mind

Identify a pattern of self-limiting thoughts and transform them into an internal dialogue of self-love and situational acceptance that allows me to confidently take action towards my goals”

I’m discovering my life without stress.”

“I’ve become a confident, conscious choice-maker”.

“I find myself feeling confident in both my writing and coaching and feeling like I have both the skills AND trust in my own inner knowing to embark on my next magical phase of life.”

“Working with Tina not only transformed my business but transformed my entire life. I went from feeling unsure about my ideas, having low self-worth and low energy, to knowing, deep in my bones that my business ideas are valid, that I am intrinsically valuable as a human being (the foundation of confidence!), and now I feel like I have practically unlimited reserves of energy to work toward my goals.”

“One major shift for me was the change from always using masculine energy – intellectual, strategizing, action-oriented into being able to really integrate the other, stronger piece of me that is feeling, sensing, and intuitive and to embrace it! This increased my confidence.”


Pay In Full:

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