Learn how to begin to step into your power immediately!

Bring yourself back to driver’s ed, you know that feeling of the instructor (or your parent) sitting next to you while you are driving and they are doing their best to help, train and guide you. They are telling you where to look, the rules and driving expectations. It’s all great education and the purpose is to give you the freedom, along with keeping yourself and others safe on the road. There is this mixed feeling of, “Okay, thanks for letting me know that, AND okay, okay, okay, shut the hell up; I’ve got this.”

Now bring yourself back to getting behind the wheel for the first time all. by. yourself. You make the rules, you play the music as loud as you want, you roll down the windows, you control the speed, you go where you want and you feel the FREEDOM.

Energetically, that’s the difference between turning your internal power over to others vs. stepping into your power. People-pleasing is often a HUGE hindrance in stepping into your power now. No more, my friend, no more!

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I’ll teach you 3 steps that you can do right now to really step into your power and take back the driver seat of your life.

  1. Own it!


We must drop the excuses in order to step into our own power.  If you find yourself saying, “Others can have it, but I can’t.”OR “I don’t have the money I desire because… the economy, my mortgage, working full-time, having a child.”  Those are all excuses. Now, I already hear some of you say, “Well that IS the truth and that IS my reality.”

I love this quote by Einstein, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

If you are using the mentality of your current reality (your current situation), that is what you will get more of. However, when you focus on your appreciation for the now and hold your desires for the future as an expectation, THAT is when you begin to get out of the rat race you’ve created. So own where you are and declare what you want. Once you own where you are at (even if that is in blame mode), then you can begin to step into your power and consciously change your now and your future. Own your mess and your success. Own it, beauty!


  1. Appreciation.


You see what we focus on expands, so that is why appreciation can be such a powerful tool. Most people are lazy with this tool. I find myself being lazy sometimes, too. I write down a list of things I appreciate and say, “Check, did that.” (Not helpful and a waste of time). The secret here is that you must FEEL the appreciation and gratitude, because that is what creates an energetic shift, which is powerful.

Try this out now, say to yourself, “You are awesome, you can do anything.” Did you feel that or was it just forced words coming out of your mouth?

Now, take 1-2 minutes close your eyes and recall a moment in time when you were able to accomplish something and felt so proud. Stay here for a few minutes recall details, specifics, what was said, your emotions, etc. Now, can you FEEL the emotions?

When you take time to do this exercise (with the feeling), THAT is when you can really feel your power, and your ability to control how you feel. It’s  pretty amazing huh?! If you did take 2 minutes to do that right now, imagine how your life would be different if you did this 3 times a day. That is 6 minutes; don’t even go there with the excuse, “I don’t have time.”  Now remember, what we focus on expands so what you appreciate, you will get more of. It is law. It is powerful!


  1. Receiving. 


When you and your friend hackle for 5 minutes over who is going to buy lunch and you finally cave and give a sly, “Thank you, Jess.” THAT does not receiving. That is actually the opposite.

Now, the reason receiving is so important is because it helps to create harmony. Giving and receiving. If you give, give, give you often are giving from a space of depletion or resentment because you are feeling exhausted.  The more we can balance the two out, the more you are able to give from a space of energetic alignment. Another importance to receiving is that people often perceive receiving with worth.  If you reject a gift, money, compliment, energetically you are saying to yourself, “I’m not worthy of this _________.” That funks up your confidence BIG TIME.

Many of us are receiving deprived and give, give, give.  That definitely was the case with me! So let’s practice, it can be super small, like asking for more physical touch and then receiving it; receive a gift; receive the beauty in nature; receive a compliment.  The idea here is again to energetically FEEL the appreciation authentically. Because what we focus on (aka feel) expands.  This helps you step into your power because you feel your worthiness to receive, and then can give from a space of energetic alignment which feels soo good!

There you have it.

Own it, appreciate it, receive it.




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