We are powerful creators, we really are. Sometimes we forget how much out language shapes our reality. When we continue to think, believe and talk as we always have, we continue to have the same outcomes we always have!

You’ve heard me say this a million times, what we focus on expands.

Thus, today I want to bring awareness to your language. I’ve created a list of dis-empowering words that we can ditch because….they likely aren’t serving you OR others around you. I’m personally working on removing these from my vocab.

Here ya go! Let me know if you have any to add.

I can’t.            

  • (I can’t afford that. I can’t start my own business).

I wish         

  • (I wish I had more education. I wish I could start my own business).


  • (I’ll never figure this out. I’ll never be able to move to the west coast like I want to.)


  • (I should really post on social media. I should really spend more time exercising).


  • (I’ll try to meditate every day. I can try to meet you at 4:00pm).

and then….

I’m too busy. 

  • Are you or is that just an excuse?

I can’t; I wish; and Never really just shut the brain down and give you no opportunity for creative solutions. Shift it with, “How can I….”. That question is SOO much more empowering. When you ask a dis-empowering question, you get a dis-empowering answer. Be mindful here, your future depends on it!

Should; Try; and ‘I’m too busy’ are really just half-ass excuses so that you don’t actually commit to something. Be bold here; take action with integrity and decisiveness. THAT will help you grow your confidence AND help you succeed in business, my friends!

What resonated with you?!?

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