It started with a burning desire, “Tina, you should start your own coaching business.”

This strong desire was quickly squashed with some dark thoughts of doubt and struggle:

  • “You can’t do that.”
  • “People will probably just think you are another really optimistic millennial.”
  • “How will you afford to live?”
  • “You are a fraud.”
  • “You don’t have a business background.”
  • “No one will want to work with you.”

You know the feeling right after you swallow water and it accidentally goes down your trachea. Then, it’s followed by an aggressive, hurtful cough.  You really want to get some words out, but they are polluted by the violent hacking that you cannot stop.

That’s what the burning desire felt like, I wanted to talk and share my gifts with the world and yet felt so debilitated by my doubts.

Those doubts became so strong that over time, I began to believe them.  So, I set aside my dreams and indulged into a SHADOW career at a government agency. You know the career that pays the bills, has great time-off,  is secure, that you “kind-of like”, that you shouldn’t complain about because you get to work four, 10-hour days and have a three day weekend.

To the outside world, I should have been happy, but I wasn’t.

Sound familiar?

That burning desire gained momentum.

I finally listened.

When I made up my mind that I was going to start my own business, a surge of excitement and relief overcame my body. I had such strong faith that this would work out.

Suddenly, “Life & Business Coach,” followed my name.  I worked really hard on getting my mindset to a place of certainty and confidence. I took much action. I enrolled in a year-long coaching program, began coaching clients and eventually quit my full-time, cushy, government job:  my shadow career.

I thought I released the shadows only to learn that they followed me.

I had some momentum going and then a few months after I quit my job, the shadows returned in full-force. My passion was telling me to work with coaches, creatives & healer entrepreneurs who want to start and grow their business, along with creating a wealth mindset.

The darkness and doubt set in.

  • “How are you going to coach others when you don’t have a 6-figure business yourself?”
  • “You can’t be spiritual and be wealthy.”
  • “Tina, maybe you should just stick with working with clients on relationships, which is the area that is thriving the most in your life and you have the most experience.”

I went vague. The shadows returned.

Tina Lensing, Life & Business Coach.

Life Coach- felt like I had the most experience and could do really well since I did therapy for 5+ years and had a year-long coaching programs under my belt. Then, there was the Business Coach- who I wanted to become so badly, but had so much doubt.

I started to believe those thoughts and suddenly [without my conscious awareness] I began to fall back into a shadow. This time it wasn’t a shadow career, rather a shadow niche.

I dove into pleasure, relationships, learning about sexuality. This brought a brief surge of excitement, followed by boredom.

On the other side of fear, was passion. Thinking about helping entrepreneurs start and grow their own mindset and business really gave me the butterflies in my stomach, goosebumps on my arms and that cheesy smile that you can’t wipe off, even if you try to!

THAT was on the other side of fear.

Scared and determined. I took the leap. I trusted 100% in myself, surrendered what was outside of my control and began to declare my niche, Tina Lensing, Mindset & Business Coach for Coaches, Creatives & Healers.

It felt so good!

Empowering and helping one entrepreneur after another, really built my confidence and I felt in my groove!

I now happily work with entrepreneurs to help them start and grow their business. I own and bring in elements of mind-body-spirit into the sessions. It’s amazing how you can have an even larger impact on people’s lives when you are so passionate about what you do. But, I never would have been here, if I settled for my shadow career or my shadow niche.

So I ask you, what are you resisting and burying deep down?

Perhaps you say, “Yeah, someday I’ll ________. ”

If you are in your ideal career, amazing!!!

Or are you one of those people who gave in to doubt and are hiding behind a shadow career/niche?

Do you still get goosebumps or excitement from your career?

Try getting out of your head for a while and drop down into your heart. Place your hand on your heart and simply ask, what does my heart desire?

Then…..listen. Really, listen! The answers will come.

It is NOT too late. You can still make that happen. It all starts with a belief.

I’d love to hear, what resonated with you!?

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