Imagine a day filled with pure pleasure. Permission to daydream now! Mm….

I awoke to my alarm buzzing and I roll over to push snooze. I say to myself, “Ugh…alarm, I just want 10 more minutes of sleep, shut up, please!” Beep, beep, beep, the alarm sounds again. I roll over give my partner a quick smooch and get up for the day. I hustle to make coffee and quickly rush off to work. I listen to NPR on my commute to work and arrive 5 minutes late, just in time to sneak into the morning meeting without much disruption.


I awake to my alarm and roll over to hit snooze. I notice how comfy and fluffy my pillow is and love that I am wrapped in a warm comforter, sandwiching my body. I smile as a roll over and see my adorable, sleeping partner. I say to myself, “He always looks so sexy in the morning when he’s sleeping and not talking”. A small smirk forms on my face while giggling to myself, as I think I am quite funny for this early in the morning. I lie with my eyes closed for a few minutes to basque in the deliciousness of the beautiful silence, stillness and comfort of this moment. I take 1 minute to snuggle with my partner and give him a kiss. I smell the combination of his deodorant and sweat, which intoxicates me. Mmmm. Beep, beep, beep-alarm again. I get out of bed and head to the kitchen to make some coffee. The aroma of fresh ground coffee beans is like little particles of heaven in my nose. I think I like the smell more than the actual taste. I prep my breakfast and taste the sweetness of the banana, the crunch of the granola and the silky smoothness of the yogurt slowly rolling down my throat like a river of molasses. I get dressed, hop in the car and head for work. As I sit behind the wheel, I am grateful for the freedom that the car gives me. I put on my favorite morning song and sing, wiggle my butt in my seat and drive my way to work. I slip into work 5 minutes late, make eye contact and give a quick smile to my favorite co-worker, just in time to enter the meeting without much disruption.


In the later example above, there are pockets of pleasure in any moment, just waiting patiently for you to indulge. Permission granted; let’s indulge! Sometimes when we think of pleasure, we only think of sexual or physical pleasure (don’t worry, that is a beautiful, juicy topic for another post). There is so much room for all kinds of pleasure.

  • Is pleasure rolling through your life like sweet molasses? If yes, fabulous, come play.
  • If it’s not, what’s your excuse: It’s not for me, I don’t have time, I don’t deserve it, What’s the point?

Our society has taught us to often squash pleasure and highlight pain, or associate guilt with pleasure. F*ck, we don’t need more guilt in this world; what we need is more pleasure. Imagine a world where people actually found enjoyment in their actions and interactions. Let’s kick the guilt to the cub and get sassy, frisky, light and fun with it!! As children, pleasure was our world. Children do what they want, and experience most of their time through pleasure. They learn, grow, and love all through pleasure.

You are reading this for a reason and here is your invitation to re-ignite the guilt-free pleasures of life. Your soul-mind-and-body is dying to experience more pleasure. We’ll explore all of those dimensions. I’m on a mission to help unleash the pleasure inside of all of you. I’ll be sure to share my personal struggle and appreciation with pleasure, very soon. Let this journey of pleasure begin….

Inspired action:

Notice pleasure at least 3 times today (you’ll likely notice that x10, but let’s start with 3).

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With Love & Pleasure,


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